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So Young (2016) 致青春 Episode 22 Recap

Ruan Wan is going to marry doctor Wu Jiang, she hopes Zheng Wei will be her bridesmaid. Ruan Wan’s wedding ceremony was about to begin, Zheng Wei did not show up for a long time. Just when Ruan Wan was about to walk alone, Zheng Wei rushed into the wedding scene. Although she disagrees with Ruan Wan being in harmony with such a shallow man, she still hopes Ruan Wan can be happy. In his speech, Zhang Kai also rushed to the stage, expressing his pain of losing love and his blessing to Ruan Wan. Ruan Wan married Wu Jiang under the blessing of Zheng Wei and his classmates.

Soon after Ruan Wan got married, Zheng Wei learned from the circle of friends that Juan’er was getting married. Zheng Wei found Juan’er and sent his sincere blessings, and the two of them settled their suspicions and reconciled.

One day, President Zhou suddenly lost his temper and threw things around. Although Zheng Wei didn’t know why Zhou was angry, he knew that a storm was coming. Mr. Zhou said that the chairman arranged for an assistant to the president to come to him to manage the new batch of technical equipment and technical personnel. The position of assistant to the president is quite special in the company. It is an excessive pre-promotion, and this airborne assistant is not well-qualified and inexperienced, but a returnee who has won an international award, it is most likely someone who has something to do with it. After Zheng Wei listened, he was full of curiosity about the unknown character.

When the assistant to the president came to Xingchen, Zheng Wei was shocked when he saw him. This person turned out to be Chen Xiaozheng. The couple, who had been in love to the death, pretended not to know each other after they met. Zheng Wei recalled the sweetness and bitterness of college, and hid in the bathroom during dinner and started crying. The two of them looked up at the company and saw their heads down, but Zheng Wei always deliberately kept a distance from him. The restaurant where Chen Xiaozheng had eaten with Zheng Wei when he came to the university, the wall of the restaurant still has a photo of the two at that time. Zheng Wei still seems to occupy a place in his heart.

Zheng Wei heard Chen Xiaozheng wearing a ring in the mouth of a colleague. Out of curiosity and anxiety, he came to Chen Xiaozheng’s office under the pretext of asking him to sign a document and confirm whether he was wearing a ring or not. Sure enough, he saw him wearing a ring on his tail finger. , Which means that he is a celibate, Zheng Wei does not know whether to be angry or happy at this time.

The chairman personally ordered Chen Xiaozheng to be responsible for an important project, and told Mr. Zhou to mention him well. Mr. Zhou is very concerned about this project. Now that he is arranged like this by the chairman, he feels that he has been robbed of merit, and he has a thorn in his heart.

Lin Jing asked Ruan Wan to give a kitten to Zheng Wei. Ruan Wan promised to help Lin Jing with this favor, so she approached Zheng Wei with the excuse that the kitten ran to her door by herself, but she had to concentrate on getting pregnant and had no time to take care of it. He hoped Zheng Wei could take in the kitten and mouse treasure, Zheng Wei accepted. The two chatted in the coffee shop. Ruan Wan knew about Chen Xiaozheng and greeted Zheng Wei with concern. Zheng Wei said that Chen Xiaozheng is like the moon, he can see it in every corner of the world, and he can’t hide it no matter what.

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