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So Young (2016) 致青春 Episode 21 Recap

With Zheng Wei’s encouragement, Zhang Kai brought her baby’s breath to Ruan Wan to confess. Ruan Wan saw the baby’s breath given to her by Zhang Kai and remembered that when she was in college, someone gave her the baby’s breath to her anonymously for three years, so she asked if Zhang Kai was the one who gave her flowers.

Zhang Kai originally intended to admit it, but suddenly felt that he was not worthy of Ruan Wan, so he persuaded him to deny that he was the flower giver. Zheng Wei scolded him for being useless when he knew it. Zhang Kai was said by Zheng Wei a few words, which aroused his fighting spirit and decided to build his own business first, and then stay with Ruan Wan.

Zhang Kai found a job in cemetery sales, obtained a trial work permit, and then actively sold cemeteries to his client, Mr. Wang and Mrs. Wang. Mrs. Wang received an insurance sales call while listening to Zhang Kai’s talk. When the other party knew Mrs. Wang was in the cemetery, they said to come in person immediately. Zhang Kai continued to introduce the cemetery to his customers, when Teacher Yu suddenly appeared here. It turned out that he was the salesman who sold insurance to Mrs. Wang. When the two met, they began to grab customers. Teacher Yu Yu Hongbo suddenly received a call from the company, saying that he had no performance and was old and wanted to fire him.

Yu Hongbo was stubborn and resigned on the spot after being said so. Just then, Zhang Kai’s prospective boss was passing by, and when Yu Hongbo heard that he was recruiting, he immediately stepped forward to recommend himself. Zhang Kai saw that Yu Hongbo was robbing himself of a job, and he stepped forward to obstruct him. Seeing that they were both so enthusiastic, the boss took them both in order to prevent them from making a big noise.

Xu Kaiyang opened a coffee shop in Xingchen’s headquarters building. Zheng Wei thought that Kaiyang did it to chase himself, so he tried to persuade him not to be so stupid. Kaiyang laughed at Zheng Wei for being affectionate. He opened the coffee shop here because it has many advantages in opening a shop.

Zheng’s mother heard the news of Lin’s hospitalization from a colleague in the factory, so she came to Hujiang and planned to visit Lin’s father. Zheng Wei also rushed to the hospital to have a look after knowing that his mother had arrived. He didn’t expect to hit the east window and the incident happened. After leaving the hospital, Zheng’s mother said that she only hoped to do her little effort before Lin’s father died, but Zheng Wei didn’t think so. She accused her mother of insulting herself.

Lin Jing was also witnessing what happened in the hospital at the time, and he decided to tell Zheng Wei of his unintentional mistakes. After Zheng Wei knew that the photos of his mother and father Lin were taken by Lin Jing, it is an indisputable fact that his actions destroyed the two families regardless of whether the photos were out of him or not. No matter what Lin Jing explained, Zheng Wei refused to forgive him, and the two parted ways again.

President Qiu fell, and Juan’er, who entered Xingchen by relying on the relationship between President Qiu and Mr. Qiu, also suffered as a result. When Juaner packed her things and left the company, her boyfriend came to pick her up in a luxury car and proposed to her in full view. Zheng Wei was worried that Juan’er would be upset when she was unemployed, so he rushed out to take a look. Unexpectedly, he saw this scene and heard that this man is a famous brother. She didn’t know if she should be happy for Juan’er or worry about her.

Ruan Wan has made a new boyfriend and wants to introduce him to Zheng Wei and invite her to dinner. Zhang Kai signed Zhang Kai and wanted to invite Zheng Wei and Ruan Wan to dinner. Zheng Wei didn’t want to be sad, so he said that he had made an appointment with Ruan Wan and asked Zhang Kai not to go. Zhang opened life and death to follow, Zheng Wei couldn’t break him, so he had to take him.

When he arrived at the dinner table, he was very disappointed when he learned that Ruan Wan had made a boyfriend. Zheng Wei learned that this new boyfriend was the doctor Ruan Wan met in the hospital when she had an abortion. The two had only met six times before agreeing to each other’s proposal. Ruan Wan was anxious, afraid of missing this person.

After Zheng Wei heard this, he fought the injustice for Zhang Kai, and then accused Ruan Wan of choosing a man based on conditions, saying that she had changed. Zheng Wei was so angry that he left without eating. When Zhang Kai left, he rushed to pay the bill, but the money was not enough. When Ruan Wan saw this, he planned to let him not be aggressive, but Zhang Kai insisted to treat him by himself and asked Ruan Wan to lend him the money. He would definitely pay it back. Ruan Wan knew that this was the last stubbornness of opening, so he followed his will.

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