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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 15 Recap

After listening to Jiu Ye’s persuasion, the girl had scruples at first. She was afraid that everyone would be disappointed. Even if the medicine did not work, she continued to take it, and then quietly waited for the end of her life. But Jiu Ye told the fact that Er Ye had a deep affection for the girl. If the girl died first, the Er Ye would probably succumb to it. Now, in order to keep the girl alive, he can only think of a way.

The girl felt that Jiuye’s words also made sense, and after careful consideration, she wrote two letters according to Jiuye’s instructions. One letter was written to Zhang Qishan, stating that this medicine cannot save lives, it can only continue life, and the side effects are too strong, making myself too painful, planning to return all the medicine to Zhang Qishan; the second letter is written to the second master, the matter The ins and outs are clearly explained.

Yin Xinyue was boring in Zhang Mansion, so she wandered around, accidentally found Zhang Qishan’s secret room, and went into the investigation out of curiosity. There are all kinds of antiques inside. Although the well-informed Miss Yin is not very attractive to these things, she is very curious about Zhang Qishan’s secret room. She touched here and there, and accidentally touched it.

After the agency, his own network fell into a trap. After Zhang Qishan returned home, he was wondering where Yin Xinyue was. When he returned to the room on the second floor, he found that Yin Xinyue had opened his secret room and fell into a trap. Zhang Qishan looked at Yin Xinyue calmly, planning to let her stay in the trap for a while, so as to learn the lesson.

Yin Xinyue saw that Zhang Qishan didn’t pity him so much, so he was anxious, and moved around, accidentally touching another organ. The wall of the secret room shot some dark arrows at the new moon, Zhang Qishan made a decisive decision and immediately stepped forward to rescue Yin Xinyue. Yin Xinyue was safe and sound, but Zhang Qishan had an arrow in his arm. After the two complained a few words to each other, Zhang Qishan left first. The crescent moon found blood on the arrow.

While eating, Yin Xinyue was waiting at the dinner table for a long time without seeing Zhang Qishan coming downstairs, so she went up to look for him in a hurry. When she came to Zhang Qishan’s room, she saw him cleaning the wound. Yin Xinyue felt a little guilty. Zhang Qishan rescued her from danger again and again. She was always annoying him, so she planned to change her attitude and follow Zhang Qishan’s will, hoping that he would not always drive herself away. Yin Xinyue stepped forward to help Zhang Qishan clean up his wounds, and accidentally found the Qiongqi tattoo on Zhang Qishan’s body that appeared when he was hot.

Zhang Qishan told Xinyue at this time that this was a tattoo of their family, and Qiongqi was the most evil beast in ancient legends. He was burdened with evil things and was destined to have many arduous ways. Xinyue would not have a good life with him. So she advised Xinyue not to stay in Changsha for a long time and asked her to return to Beiping as soon as possible. Xinyue felt that it was too mysterious, thinking that this was a reason Zhang Qishan had fabricated in order to drive him away.

After Zhang Qishan received the letter from the girl, he felt that the matter was inappropriate. The sensible Jiuye persuaded him from the side, saying that there was no other way now. Since the girl had run out of oil, they could only try to keep the second master.

Xinyue was in a bad mood, so she came to the Red Mansion to chat with the girl. Xinyue ate the noodles made by the girl and found that the taste was not right, so she guessed that the girl’s sense of taste was malfunctioning, but at this time, the second master was also there. Xinyue was afraid that the second master was worried, and the girl was sad, so she bit her scalp and continued to eat the noodles, and panicked that this The noodles are very delicious.

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