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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 14 Recap

Chen Pi was arrested in prison and was severely tortured by Lu Jianxun and talked nonsense to him, leading him to misunderstand Zhang Qishan’s attempts. However, Chen Pi only regarded his words as the wind in his ears. He endured the pain of flesh and blood, took his wife as a spiritual support, and looked forward to Erye and Zhang Qishan to bring the medicine back and cure the wife.

Peng Sanbian learned that Zhang Qishan and others were on the train back to Changsha, so he rushed to the moving train overnight with his men and waited for an opportunity on the top of the train. Zhang Qishan noticed an abnormal movement on his head and immediately became vigilant and stepped out of the room to preemptively. At this time, Xinyue was relieved and came out of the toilet. As soon as he went out, he encountered Peng Sanbian who had sneaked into the train.

Peng Sanbian saw the meat on his lips and immediately took her away. When the new moon was struggling, the second ring on his hand made a sound, which was heard by Zhang Qishan. When Zhang Qishan heard the sound, he rushed to Peng Sanbian’s men, and Xinyue shouted “Husband” to Zhang Qishan and asked him for help.

Peng Sanbian took advantage of the chaos to drag Crescent Moon to the carriage where the cargo was placed, intending to forcibly contaminate her. Fortunately, Zhang Qishan was very skillful. With an enemy, Zhang Qishan threw a knife straight through the doors and windows to stop them. Live the action of Peng Sanbian. Zhang Qishan rescued Crescent Moon from Peng Sanjian, and then Peng Sanjian was struggling to death, intending to put Zhang Qishan to death, but in the end he was inferior in skill and died.

Xinyue followed Zhang Qishan back to Zhang Mansion. Although the two had just experienced a life and death disaster, she knew very little about Zhang Qishan. Apart from knowing that his surname is Zhang and being called “Father Buddha”, he doesn’t know anything else. Zhang Qishan greeted her to come in and sit down, and Xinyue was rude, as soon as he entered the house, he looked like a mistress and asked her to call her his wife. Zhang Qishan had no choice but to leave her alone. The two confessed some of their affairs frankly, but Zhang Qishan concealed his family background and Jiu Men.

After Zhang Qishan returned to Changsha, he learned about the tangerine peel being captured by Lu Jianxun. After the investigation of Chen Pi’s fall, Zhang Qishan led the team to the prison, intending to take the dying Chen away.

At this time, Lu Jianxun came to the prison, intending to continue to imprison the tangerine peel for the crime of treason with the enemy. Zhang Qishan said that the crime was unfounded and unfounded. He did not expect that Lu Jianxun valued tangerine peel so much and tried him personally. Since there was no evidence, Lu Jianxun could not stop Zhang Qishan, so he had to let him take Chen away.

After the girl took the medicine brought back by Zhang Qishan and Er Yuehong, her spirit seemed to be much better. The second master felt that he could get the life-saving medicine this time because of Jiuye’s proposal, so he invited Jiuye to the mansion and congratulated him in person. After Jiu Ye came to the Red Mansion, and after a few greetings with Er Ye and the girl, February Hong received a notice to go to Liyuan and left the mansion first. Jiuye noticed that something was wrong with the girl, and helped her get her pulse after February Red left.

The girl pretends to be energetic in front of Jiuye, but his face and pulse are irrelevant. When Jiuye sees the girl coughing up blood, he knows that the medicine is not effective for the girl. Jiuye knew that Zhang Qishan and Er Yuehong had brought this medicine back like a fate. He didn’t want to hide it from them, and had been known by Er Yuehong earlier, so that he could prepare for everyone, and wanted another way to save the girl.

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