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So Young (2016) 致青春 Episode 19 Recap

Lin Jing learned that Zheng Wei’s boyfriend was Ah Zhengshi when he was in college, and immediately recalled some fragments of their lives in Milan, and found that Ah Zhengdu looked different when it came to love-related topics. If Ah Zheng knew about his relationship with Zheng Wei early in the morning, everything would make sense. Lin Jing felt that Ah Zheng had been deceived for three years, and went back to Italy to settle accounts with Ah Zheng in anger.

Sister Li, who is in charge of logistics in the company, has a fund that needs approval. She took advantage of Zhou Zong’s business trip to get closer with Zheng Wei, and then pretended to inadvertently show Zheng Wei the funding application, asking her if Zhou Zong saw the funding would be approved. The simple Zheng Wei was coaxed by Sister Li without much thought. After reading the application for a few times, he said verbally. If the fee is in the right place, Zhou Zong should agree. Unexpectedly, Zheng Wei’s unintentional sentence will become her future reference.

When Mr. Zhou came back, the Finance Department of the Logistics Department had already begun preparations. He just waited for Mr. Zhou to come back to sign, and then hand in the application to the chairman. Up to now, even if Mr. Zhou says he disagrees, everyone will unanimously believe that Zheng Wei made the decision. Mr. Zhou knew in his heart that Zheng Wei had been taken advantage of, so after a few words of training her, it was over. Then he asked her to hide first, and then asked the relevant personnel to the office for questioning.

The purpose was to let Zheng Wei learn from them by listening to them. . Besides Sister Li, Li Weijuan was also called to the office. Sister Li and Juan’er both said in unison that Zheng Wei agreed to this matter. Zheng Wei who was hiding could not hold back, and jumped out to point at Juan’er and Sister Li and curse. Mr. Zhou was angry and helpless, so he had to punish Zheng Wei to write a review, as he had an explanation.

The relationship between Zheng Wei and Juan’er broke and they moved out of the basement, but they couldn’t find a place to stay for a while. In desperation, they lived in the office temporarily. Colleagues discovered that Zheng Wei had spent the night in the office. Seeing that she was pitiful, Zhou always applied for a staff dormitory for her.

Zhang Kai was also driven out of the basement by Li Weijuan. With a difficult life, he found an old and small house to temporarily settle down. One day, Zhang Kai was walking on the road, and suddenly met Teacher Yu, and ran away, but was caught up by Teacher Yu. Teacher Yu asked him to accompany him to a meal to gather together. The two of them ate and drank, a few glasses of wine, and all their emotions came out. Teacher Yu suddenly raised the matter of being wronged by Juan’er back then, feeling unwilling, catching Zhang Kai desperately to explain. Zhang Kai had actually suspected being too teacher, but he felt ashamed of the teacher, and seeing so many things happening, he felt that Juan’er was really not good faith, so he spoke to comfort the teacher.

Zheng Wei went to work on the construction site. Since she became President Zhou’s secretary, she no longer wears the clothing of a construction worker. This time she came to the construction site in high heels and formal attire. Zheng Wei didn’t wear high heels on the construction site, walked staggeringly, and fell. Lin Jing was also in the project team, and when she saw Zheng Wei like this, she greeted him, but Zheng Wei didn’t appreciate it.

After Mr. Zhou inspected the scene, he asked Zheng Wei to stay with Lin Jing for a while. Although Zheng Wei was extremely reluctant, Mr. Zhou’s order was difficult to refuse. Just when Zheng Wei felt extremely embarrassed, Ruan Wan called Zheng Wei. Zheng Wei talked to Ruan Wan as if he had met a savior and ran away from Lin Jing.

Ruan Wan told Zheng Wei that she was pregnant, and she also told Zheng Wei about Shiyong. Ruan Wan decides to knock the baby out, Zheng Wei accompanies her to the hospital and accompanies her to tide over the difficulties.

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