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So Young (2016) 致青春 Episode 17 Recap

Ah Zheng was spotted by Italian criminal gangs because he had spoken before to stop the thief’s theft. The criminal gang put a black mask and the corpse of a black bird in the castle where Lin Jing lived as a warning. In order to settle the matter as quickly as possible, Lin Jing went to the criminal gang alone early the next morning. According to the previous agreement, he took out 500 euros to the criminal leader, hoping that the other party would return the bag.

However, the leader demanded an increase on the grounds that Ah Zheng hindered them. Lin Jing immediately quarreled with him, but the opponent was crowded, and soon subdued Lin Jing and tied it to the tree. A Zheng rushed over and clashed with the criminals. Lin Jing took the opportunity to break away from the rope and joined the fight. In order to cover Lin Jing, Ah Zheng did not hesitate to press on him, blocking the opponent’s punches and kicks for him. At this time, the sound of a police siren sounded, and the criminals fled. Lin Jing and Ah Zheng finally recovered their bags and escaped.

Three years later, the two who had gone through life and death became close friends. When Lin Jing and Ah were chatting by the lake, they accidentally talked about some love affairs. Ah Zheng did not say the name, but in his heart he felt that Lin Jing and him have Zheng Wei, and they have unusual connections. Lin Jing suggested that they each write the name of their favorite person on paper, then stuff them into a bottle and throw them into the lake. If the bottle can be retrieved later, they need to know the name of the other person’s favorite.

Zheng Wei and Juaner entered Dongfang Xingchen together, worked as interns at the construction site for three years, and led a busy life every day. After graduating from graduate school, Ruan Wan entered a Fortune 500 company in Beijing, and emotionally, he continued to have a long-distance relationship with Zhao Shiyong.

Ruan Wan took a train to Wenzhou on the day off, planning to spend a good holiday with Shiyong. Ruan Wan was waiting at the station for Shi Yong to pick her up, but Shi Yong was on a blind date under the arrangement of his parents. Ruan Wan waited for a long time, Shi Yong finally appeared, Ruan Wan didn’t mean to complain. Ruan Wan chatted with Shiyong happily, and after talking, he planned to persuade Shiyong to go to Beijing to start a business and drift north with her.

Ruan Wan kept talking, Shi Yong became more and more annoyed when he listened, suddenly his tone changed and he lost his temper at Ruan Wan. Shiyong said that he likes this place in Wenzhou, and he can’t live a good life when he goes to Beijing. Ruan Wan was very scared when he saw Shiyong saying these things. She hugged Shiyong and apologized constantly. She could be desperate to be with Shiyong.

Juan’er still admires vanity as before. When she is not working, she is dealing with all kinds of tall, handsome and rich, trying to change her destiny. Juan’er and Zheng Wei rented a basement together, while supporting each other in front of their roommates and colleagues. The optimistic Zheng Wei likes the life in the basement and the work in the construction site, but Juaner does not think so. She always wanted to leave the basement and always wanted to leave the work on the construction site.

One day, the opportunity finally came. Juaner received the news. I heard that the newly appointed Vice President Zhou would choose one of the company’s employees to be the secretary. Juaner was confident and believed that this position was already in her pocket. Zheng Wei felt happy for her after listening to Juaner.

Lin Jing’s father became ill. After Lin Jing received the news, he hurried back to China at dawn, and Ah Zheng drove him away. When the two were parting, Ah Zheng seemed to be very dissatisfied with Lin Jing. Lin Jing saw A Zheng’s lost appearance, so he joked and gave A Zheng a chance to kiss herself. After hearing this, Ah Zheng suddenly imagined that he would hold Lin Jing and kiss his lips. In his imagination, Lin Jing’s appearance changed to Zheng Wei’s appearance. It turned out that in Ah Zheng’s heart, Lin Jing always had the shadow of Zheng Wei.

Zheng Wei and Li Weijuan participated in the report meeting of Dongfang Xingchen. After the company’s boss, Chairman Yu gave a speech, he toasted and laughed with all the employees during the meeting. When Yu Dong came to Zheng Wei’s seat, he saw two little girls on the table, so he was very interested. Upon seeing this, the leaders asked Zheng Wei and Juaner to toast the leaders. Zheng Wei was too strong to drink, and after drinking, he talked nonsense on the table.

When she said something critical of the company, it happened to be heard by Vice President Zhou. Vice President Zhou was not only not angry, but also asked her what way to improve. Zheng Wei uttered the truth after drinking, dared to say anything, and had a drink with Vice President Zhou. The next day, after Zheng Wei woke up, he received a call from the company’s personnel department. Zheng Wei thought that he was going to be fired and returned to the company tremblingly.

Unexpectedly, the company was going to promote her to the head office and become the secretary of Vice President Zhou. Zheng Wei knew that Juan’er must be angry, so he deliberately practiced outside the door, how to tell Juan’er. When I returned to the residence, I realized that Juaner had already known. Juan’er accused Zheng Wei, saying that she actually wanted the position, and denigrated her for making small moves behind her back.

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