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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 2 Recap

When Zhang Xiaofan heard that Master was about to expel himself from the teacher’s door, he knelt on the ground and promised to learn martial arts to protect the common people in the world. Tian Buyi reluctantly agreed to accept Zhang Xiaofan as his apprentice.

Although Zhang Xiaofan joined the Qingyunmen Dazhu Peak, he had to chop bamboo for three years as required. The other seniors all went to practice swordsmanship. Tian Linger flew Zhang Xiaofan to the place where he was cutting bamboo with amber Zhu Ling. Zhang Xiaofan couldn’t chop down the bamboo no matter how much effort he took. After six months, Zhang Xiaofan finally chopped down a bamboo. At the same time, Daoist Cang Song had begun to teach Lin Jingyu swordsmanship.

Six months later, Lin Jingyu had reached the first level of Qingyunmen Kungfu, and Cangsong Dao felt uneasy forever, because Lin Jingyu was full of hatred. Daoist Cang Song told Lin Jingyu to temporarily let go of his hatred and help him deal with some affairs.

Time flies, and five years have passed in a blink of an eye. Although Zhang Xiaofan practiced extremely hard, but his talent is not high, after three years of hard work, he could practice the basic tricks and reach the first level. It took another two years. With patient guidance, Zhang Xiaofan’s spells still couldn’t break through the second level. Tian Ling’er often accompanies Zhang Xiaofan to practice exercises, and at the same time comforts him to make up for his weaknesses with diligence.

As long as he practice hard, he will definitely achieve something. As time went by, Zhang Xiaofan, who had grown up, felt an inexplicable affection for this beautiful and beautiful senior sister who cared about herself. At this time, Du Bishu went around looking for money from his brothers on the grounds that he had reached the fourth floor of the Qingyunmen skill and needed to travel down the mountain.

In order to change the situation for the sixth brother, Tian Linger took Zhang Xiaofan and secretly shoveled Master’s Ganoderma lucidum to Heyang Ancient Town to sell. When he came to the market, Tian Linger slid off to play. At this time, the daughter of the ghost king, Baguio, wearing a cloak and black clothes, deceived Zhang Xiaofan’s Ganoderma lucidum with a silver pair made of stone. When Zhang Xiaofan found out that he was fooled, he hurriedly chased Baguio, he used his unfamiliar skills to fight Baguio.

Baguio didn’t see this stupid boy in his eyes, but when he saw Zhang Xiaofan chasing him, Baguio jumped onto the bamboo frame, cut the rope, trapped Zhang Xiaofan in the middle, and asked if Zhang Xiaofan was a Qingyunmen disciple. At that time, Zhang Xiaofan discovered that Baguio turned out to be a beautiful and beautiful girl. Baguio hurriedly left when Tian Linger called Zhang Xiaofan’s name.

At this time, Feng Huifeng’s first Zeng Shuchang’s son Zeng Shushu also came to Heyang, he was looking for books such as obscene erotic pictures. Zeng Shushu saw Zhang Xiaofan looking for a girl with a cloak all over the street. He dragged Zhang Xiaofan into a library named Yan Ruyu on the grounds of helping Zhang Xiaofan find the girl. It turned out that this library had some martial arts secrets and pictures of eroticism and Qingyunmen precepts. The elder of the church has long ordered that entry to such places is prohibited. Just when Zhang Xiaofan was trying to find books for Zeng Shushu, he saw a woman who looked like an immortal but frosty came into the library.

The eyes of both of them were straightened. It turned out that this woman was Xiaozhufeng’s disciple Lu Xueqi. She came here to find some Swordsmanship Cheats. Zeng Shushu hurriedly pretended to be suave and knowledgeable, but Lu Xueqi ignored Zeng Shushu. At this time, Lin Jingyu brought disciples from the Discipline Hall to Yan Ruyu Library to see if any disciples came here. It turned out that Lin Jingyu had been promoted to the chief disciple of the Discipline Hall at Longshoufeng.

Seeing people from the Commandment Hall, Zeng Shushu was busy covering Lu Xueqi’s escape, but he was caught by Lin Jingyu, and Zhang Xiaofan, who was still unknown, was also found. Lin Jingyu Gu Yu and Zhang Xiaofan have a relationship and are ready to let Zhang Xiaofan out. However, he still followed a senior Qi Hao, who had already told the head of this matter.

When Tian Buyi knew the news, he asked the bottom line about who made Zhang Xiaofan go down the mountain. Naturally, Zhang Xiaofan didn’t want to tell Tian Linger. Tian Buyi saw that he had only learned a little three-legged cat skill after five years in his teacher. He asked him to chop bamboo for another three months as punishment in the back mountain.

The distress in Zhang Xiaofan’s heart can only be told to his second uncle who has lost his memory. Tian Linger was grateful that Zhang Xiaofan had not confessed to himself, and secretly followed Zhang Xiaofan and found that he had gone to see his second uncle. At this time, the spy from the Blood Refining Hall came to Qingyun Mountain again, and Zhang Xiaofan recognized this person and pushed Tian Ling’er away, asking him to find Master. The blood refining hall master forced Zhang Xiaofan onto the Hongqiao Bridge. Zhang Xiaofan had no choice but to jump off the Hongqiao Bridge.

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