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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 1 Recap

The vast land of China, the boundless vastness, has been fighting endlessly between the two ways of righteousness and demon for thousands of years. More than a hundred years ago, the demon sect invaded the land of the Central Plains. The battle ended with Qingyun’s complete victory and the complete defeat of the Demon Cult. However, the magic sect has never given up the idea of ​​staying in the Central Plains, even if time goes by, the vicissitudes of life…

Many years later, in Caomiao Village under Qingyun Mountain, the villagers worked at sunrise and rested at sunset, creating a peaceful scene. There was a young boy named Zhang Xiaofan, who had fun with a group of friends all day long. On this day, they ran hide and seek to an ancient temple, and his hair Xiaolin Jingyu suddenly caught Zhang Xiaofan’s neck uncontrollably. At this moment, a mysterious person with injured palms suddenly appeared and accused Lin Jingyu of being very hostile.

Lin Jingyu noticed that this person was injured in his arm, so he ran away while pulling Zhang Xiaofan. It turns out that this person is Pu Zhi, the head of the four great monks of Tianyin Pavilion who was seriously injured by the attack and poisoning of the blood refining hall. He has been practicing healing in the ruined temple since he was injured. Just now, Lin Jingyu was suddenly out of control and was Pu Zhi. The blood-devouring bead in his hand is making trouble.

Xiaofan returned home and ate happily with his family. The father found that Xiaofan had a red piece on his neck, and he asked what was happening, Zhang Xiaofan lied that he was playing with Lin Jingyu. At night, Xiao Fan was worried about Pu Zhi’s injury and walked to Pomiao with some medicine. When passing by Lin Jingyu’s house, he found that a man in black had carried Lin Jingyu away. Zhang Xiaofan followed all the way to the ruined temple.

At this time, Pu Zhi had walked out of the ruined temple and found that Lin Jingyu had been killed by a seven-tailed centipede. Poison, suspected that the blood refining hall master discovered his whereabouts. Regardless of his own safety, Pu Zhi wanted to heal Lin Jingyu. Sure enough, when Pu Zhi healed Lin Jingyu, the blood refining hall master in black suddenly appeared. Pu Zhi told Zhang Xiaofan not to go out no matter what happened outside.

I saw that Puzhi and the master of the blood refining hall started a fierce battle in the yard, flying sand and stone for a while. At this time Zhang Xiaofan walked out worried about Puzhi’s safety. He saw the two urging their internal forces, Pu Zhi took out the Blood Devouring Bead and repelled the blood refining hall master. He was seriously injured, and Zhang Xiaofan who was next to him was also stunned. Pu Zhi worried that the blood refining hall masters would come to Caomiao Village to retaliate.

For the safety of Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu, he decided to send them to Qingyun Mountain. Puzhi realized that his life was hard to save, and after taking the pills for three days, he found out that although Lin Jingyu was extremely talented, he was too guarded to hide today’s secrets.

Although Zhang Xiaofan’s talent was not good, he was kind-hearted. . Pu Zhi decided to pass on his life’s skills and Tianyin technique to Zhang Xiaofan, and gave him the Blood Devouring Orb so that Zhang Xiaofan would throw the Blood Devouring Orb where no one knew. Before Puzhi died, he accepted Zhang Xiaofan as a disciple, and told Zhang Xiaofan, don’t tell anyone about the matter tonight, you can’t use the skills you have learned until life and death, otherwise there will be catastrophe. After that, Puzhi knocked Zhang Xiaofan out of the grass and staggered away. Temple Village.

When Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu woke up, they found that Caomiao Village had been slaughtered. They held their parents’ bodies and cried bitterly.

At this time, Qingyunmen Dazhufengtian did not easily rush to Caomiao Village and took Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu to Qingyun Mountain. The Human Dao Xuan, the head of Qingyunmen Tongtian Peak, asked the big disciple Xiao Yicai to bring the two of them over, passing through the entrance of Tongtian Peak and Hongqiao, and then with the permission of Zhenshan Spirit Beast Water Qilin, Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu were able to see Qingyunmen.

Several Masters: Taoist Master of Tongtian Peak, Taoist Taoist of Dazhufengtian, Taoist of Xiaozhufeng Shuiyue, Taoist of Longshoufeng Cangsong, Taoist of Fenghuifeng Zeng Shuchang, Taoist of Shangzheng Liang of Chaoyangfeng, Luoxia Fengtian Long Yundao.

At this time, the second uncle Wang, a villager in Caomiao Village, was frightened by the tragedy in the village and rushed in, shouting out the ghost, causing sadness in Zhang Xiaofan’s heart. He just cried, but Lin Jingyu knocked Zhang Xiaofan’s head again and again, letting you guys replace him. Taking the initiative, facing real people’s inquiries about what happened in Caomiao Village, Zhang Xiaofan thought of what the master had said, and lied that he did not know much.

The master of the Qingyun School speculated that it should be the demon cult. Tian Buyi thought that the top priority was to settle the two children. Dao Chang Cang Song proposed to send the two young people under the Qingyun school. Tian Buyi thinks that the two cannot be brought into the same school, otherwise it will easily cause their sadness. Daoist Cangsong saw that Lin Jingyu was extremely talented and wanted to accept him as a disciple. Several Daoist leaders fought around Lin Jingyu.

Finally, based on the strength of each disciple, Dao Xuan Dao Chang decided to let Lin Jingyu worship the Dao Chang Cang Song. As for Zhang Xiaofan, who was not talented, the Taoist leaders hesitated. In the end, Dao Xuan asked him to worship the door of Tian’s hardship on the grounds that Zhang Xiaofan was not easy to bring. Besides, Dazhu Peak had only six disciples. Qingyunmen has the least number of people in each vein.

Tian Buyi had to take Zhang Xiaofan to Dazhu Peak. The apprentices were very excited when they saw the new Zhang Xiaofan. Tian Linger, the daughter of Tian Buyi, introduced several brothers to Zhang Xiaofan: the first five were named after benevolence, justice, etiquette, wisdom and trust. They were Song Daren. , Wu Dayi, Zheng Dali, He Dazhi, Lu Daxin, the last one is Du Bishu, because he will lose every bet.

Zhang Xiaofan couldn’t remember these names for a while, and Tian Buyi saw that Zhang Xiaofan’s talent was so mediocre and he was very dissatisfied with him. It was Su Ru who asked the disciple Song Daren to send Zhang Xiaofan back to the room to rest. Zhang Xiaofan asked the brother whether Master didn’t want to accept himself as a disciple. Song Daren taught Zhang Xiaofan how to please Master, and he could please Master with his skill in cooking.

At night, Zhang Xiaofan thought that his master would not accept himself as a disciple, tossing and turning, and wanting to throw the blood-devouring bead that Pu Zhi had handed him into the valley inadvertently. On the way, I encountered Lin Jingyu who was worried about herself and mixed into Dazhu Peak. At this time, the master of the blood refining hall suddenly appeared.

Lin Jingyu hurriedly stood in front of Zhang Xiaofan and was stunned by the master of the blood refining hall. At the moment of crisis, Tian is not able to appear in time and start a fight with the man in black. Unfortunately, the man in black is so powerful that he can’t take advantage of him. At this time, Wan Jian appeared in time and repelled the man in black and solved the dangerous situation.

Tian Buyi was originally not satisfied with Zhang Xiaofan being his apprentice. What’s more, Zhang Xiaofan went down the mountain to cause a catastrophe this time, and Tian Buyi was extremely unhappy. However, after tasting Zhang Xiaofan’s meal, he stopped talking and immediately gobbled it up, because Zhang Xiaofan’s meal was much better than Du Bishu’s.

Tian Buyi finally changed his attitude towards Zhang Xiaofan, and asked Zhang Xiaofan why he joined the Qingyun faction. Zhang Xiaofan replied that he wanted to avenge his parents. Tian Buyi told Zhang Xiaofan that he was so hostile and no different from those thugs who slaughtered the village. He did not agree to accept Zhang Xiaofan as a disciple.

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