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So Young (2016) 致青春 Episode 16 Recap

After Zheng Wei had buried his things, not long after he left, Lin Jing came under the camphor tree. Lin Jing quietly felt a moment of tranquility by herself. A local girl passed by and saw Lin Jing approached her and said that a girl from the city had also come here just now and buried something. Lin Jing dug up things and saw that Andersen’s fairy tale and a wooden sculpture, she knew Zheng Wei had just arrived. He didn’t plan to find Zheng Wei, but looked at these things and cried inexplicably sad.

It’s the annual graduation season again, and the protagonist of this graduation is Zheng Wei and his class of students. Zhang Kai also graduated with Zheng Wei because he repeated the grade. Everyone sang and drank while talking about what happened during the four years of university. There were laughs and tears, joys and sorrows, all of which are worthy of their lifetime. Everyone gathered together reluctantly and spent the last days of their college career together.

After Zheng Wei packed up his things in the dormitory, he reluctantly said goodbye to Ruan Wan and Juan’er. Before leaving, Zheng Wei and his roommates missed Xiaobei. They looked at Xiaobei’s empty bed, not knowing where the strong tomboy was. Zheng Wei was afraid that everyone would be too hard to leave, so she let her roommate not send her off, and she planned to leave alone. When he walked out of the school gate, he opened the gate and waited. He said that Zheng Wei was picked up by him back then, and now he will also send him off. Zheng Wei readily accepted the kindness of opening. The two came to the train station together. Unexpectedly, as soon as they stepped into the platform, familiar classmates appeared. Zheng Wei was very moved, and said goodbye to his classmates.

Ah Zheng came to Milan to study alone, and as soon as he arrived in Milan, his bag with valuables was snatched away. A Zheng chased the thief all the way, but was seen by Lin Jing. Lin Jing saw that the Chinese were robbed, and joined the chase. However, the tiger is not as good as the local snake, and Ah Zheng’s bag cannot be retrieved temporarily. Lin Jing was waiting at the station before, but by chance, he discovered that the person he was waiting was Chen Xiaozheng. Ah Zheng has seen Zheng Wei’s photos of Lin Jing in Andersen’s fairy tales, and now he takes a closer look and realizes that this person is Lin Jing. Ah Zheng just booked Lin Jing’s transportation and accommodation. Now he is unfamiliar with life. Even though he has many questions in his heart, he can only follow him first.

Lin Jing took Ah Zheng to the castle where he lived, and let Ah Zheng stay there. During the period, Ah Zheng saw Lin Jing and the hostess of the castle, Sara, behave intimately, and at one time he thought he was clinging to a rich old woman for money. When the two were eating, Lin Jing asked Ah Zheng to chat with him about gossip, and Ah Zheng took advantage of the trend to ask about Lin Jing’s love history. Lin Jing said half-truth, but Ah Zheng was very concerned.

A Zheng asked Lin Jing to help retrieve the bag. Lin Jing, who had lived in Milan for a period of time, was familiar with the environment here, and soon hooked up with a member of the local criminal gang, and asked him to help pay attention to Ah Zheng’s bag. Lin Jing has always known that he can’t offend the thief in this area, but Ah Zheng, who has just arrived here, doesn’t know much about it. He saw the thief who was talking to Lin Jing just now stealing something, so he blocked it. Lin Jing and the others were targeted by the criminal gang. Lin Jing blamed Ah Zheng, but Ah Zheng scolded Lin Jing for colluding with criminals and betraying herself to cling to the old woman. The two accused each other, and then moved their hands. Lin Jing’s hand was beaten and dislocated.

When they returned to the castle, the irrelevant grudges between the two of them just now seemed to be temporarily forgotten. A Zheng looked at Lin Jing trimming flowers and plants in the castle, and curiously asked Sara what the relationship was between them. Sarah smiled and said that Lin Jing is a good boy. He stayed in Milan to replace her deceased husband to help take care of the castle and take care of herself. Ah Zheng knew that he had misunderstood Lin Jing and felt a little guilty, but the past of Lin Jing and Zheng Wei planted a deep thorn in his heart.

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