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So Young (2016) 致青春 Episode 15 Recap

Zheng Wei and A are applying for the well-known company Dongfang Xingchen at the job fair. Zheng Wei looks particularly clever. Both of them performed well and were appreciated by the interviewer. Zheng Wei called Ruan Wan, and Ruan Wan also told Zheng Wei at this time that she was also admitted by the unit and could live in the same city with Zhao Shiyong.

The school’s deputy dean Zeng had dinner with several old classmates who worked in Dongfang Xingchen and was very happy to learn that Ah Zheng was accepted by the unit. When he went home for dinner, he told his girl Zeng Yu about the incident, and said that Ah had brought a very clever girlfriend during the test, and they were both admitted. After hearing this, Zeng Yu suggested to his father that he wanted to give up the opportunity to study abroad and give this opportunity to Ah Zheng.

Vice President Zeng was surprised, but also said that he was not a god and could not influence the candidates for studying abroad. Upon seeing this, Zeng Yu asked his father for help without hesitation. Zeng Yu found Ah Zheng and asked him to re-apply for a place to study abroad, but Ah Zheng was careful and turned down Zeng Yu’s suggestion.

Wuyuan is a special place for Zheng Wei. She always wanted to take someone she liked to see the camphor tree, so she invited Ah Zheng to accompany her.

Father Lin found a cure for his cancer. Before the operation, Father Lin told Lin Jing that if unfortunately he couldn’t get out of the operating room, he hoped that Lin Jing would spill his ashes under the camphor tree in Wuyuan. After Lin Jing heard this, she evoked memories of the camphor tree and Zheng Wei, then comforted her father and watched him enter the operating room. Father Lin’s operation was successful, and his previous worries were wiped out.

Shiyong originally planned to resign from the institution and go to Beijing with Ruan Wan, but he was blocked by his father as the leader. Shiyong was controlled by his father and could only break his trust in Ruan Wan. After Ruan Wan knew that Shi Yong was about to stay in Wenzhou, he felt betrayed again.

Azheng heard Xu Kaiyang calling his father and blamed his father for arranging him into Dongfang Xingchen without authorization. Ah Zheng remembered that he had interviewed this company before. He was quite confident about his performance, but there was no news of admission. Ah Zheng couldn’t help himself, and called Dongfang Xingchen to inquire about the admission result, but he was disappointed by the answer. Then he checked the admission list on the library computer, and the result was the same. At this time, Zeng Yu appeared behind Ah Zheng and encouraged him to study abroad. Ah Zheng didn’t know that, in fact, he was admitted by Dongfang Xingchen, but Zeng Yu moved his hands and feet behind him.

In the evening, Ah was carefully weighing the pros and cons in the dormitory, and felt that now that there is no retreat, the only way to change his destiny is to go abroad. Suppressing his guilt towards Zheng Wei and his anger at his own background, he silently made a choice. The next day, Ah Zheng took the initiative to ask Zheng Wei to go to the ocean park she had always dreamed of. Zheng Wei had a good time, not knowing that this was just a compensation made by Ah Zheng to her.

Juaner heard the news that Ah Zheng was going to study abroad, so she immediately told Zheng Wei. Zheng Wei felt unbelievable and blamed Juaner for nonsense. After Juaner left, she was upset for a while, and finally ran to find Ah Zheng to confirm whether he was going abroad. Zheng Wei’s heart was broken by Ah Zheng’s answer, but Ah Zheng was determined to go abroad and had to go hand in hand with Zheng.

No matter how Zheng Wei begged him to keep him, he remained unmoved. Knowing that everything is a foregone conclusion, Zheng Wei left Azheng in despair. Zheng Wei returned to Wuyuan with the wood carvings Azheng gave him and Andersen’s fairy tales from Lin Jing’s dormitory. She dug a hole under the camphor tree in Wuyuan, buried these things under the tree, and buried her youth together.

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