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So Young (2016) 致青春 Episode 14 Recap

Zheng Wei and his roommates are in their senior year. The four golden flowers in the dormitory lie on the grass, watching the new students coming and going, and can’t help but cherish the memory of their youth and look forward to the future. When Zhu Xiaobei saw a freshman who was playing handsome on a skateboard on campus like he did in the past, he couldn’t help but think of the first meeting with Zheng Wei that day. Zheng Wei’s thoughts coincided with Xiaobei’s, but they had a fight during the summer vacation. Xiaobei felt a little embarrassed and ran to the basketball court alone.

Xu Kaiyang saw Xiaobei alone on the basketball court, so he stepped forward and asked her to play a few games. After the two of them played basketball, they went to a barbecue, just when the security guard drove the aunt at the barbecue stall again and again. This time the security guard started to attack the aunt at the barbecue stall, and the four of them smashed her stall together. Kaiyang and Xiaobei stepped forward to stop them, and the security scolded them both together. Xiaobei immediately started with the security guard. When the aunt stopped, he was pushed to the ground by the security guard and injured his head. Xiao Bei was excited and yelled “Mom”, and the relationship between Xiao Bei and the aunt at the barbecue stall surfaced.

Xiaobei and Kaiyang were taken to the security office for questioning. Xiaobei was upright and refused to lower his head. The security guard who caused the accident took advantage of Xiaobei’s scolding by the teacher, and added fuel to the fire, taunting Xiaobei a few words. Xiaobei couldn’t help it, rushed to the security booth at the school gate and smashed it. After the incident, the security guard who caused the accident was suspended and punished, and Xiaobei was also expelled from school.

The three roommates looked at Xiaobei packing his luggage and felt very sad. Juan’er said frankly at this time that he found the two hundred dollars that Xiaobei had stolen in the past and found it under the cabinet. Some nonsense that Zheng Wei said before was also told by herself. Zeng Yu’s. Zheng Wei suddenly realized that Xiaobei had helped Juan’er swallow so much anger in the dormitory. During the summer vacation, he even scolded Xiaobei so much.

For a while, he felt that both he and Juan’er were sorry to Xiaobei. Not only was Xiaobei not sad, but comforted her roommates. When Xiaobei was packing his luggage, he asked Zheng Wei for the ceramics that Kaiyang had given him before. He held it in his arms and wiped it off. Zheng Wei looked in his eyes and felt heartache for Xiaobei. On the last night of Xiaobei’s dormitory, she bathed and played with everyone, ending her university career with regret.

Lin Jing and Shi Jie’s study abroad career in Italy also ended. Shi Jie decided to return to China, and they reluctantly said goodbye. When parting, Shi Jie wanted Lin Jing to eat a dessert with her, but Lin Jing knew in her heart that Shi Jie and him were just two people who licked each other’s wounds in a foreign country, so they refused her invitation and cut off her thoughts.

Before Shi Jie left, she gave Lin Jing a book she bought when she first came to Italy. After Lin Jing waited for Shi Jie to leave, he opened it and found that it was the Andersen mermaid fairy tale that he had always wanted to buy but missed. Lin Jing read the book and shed tears of touch and gratitude. Soon, Lin Jing’s father was diagnosed with cancer. Lin Jing ended her life abroad and returned to her parents.

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