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So Young (2016) 致青春 Episode 12 Recap

Teacher Yu saw that Li Weijuan couldn’t keep up with her studies, and she hadn’t had the opening report, so she called her to the office and planned to give her some guidance on her studies. However, Li Weijuan had a prejudice against the teacher and deliberately kept a distance from him in the office. When Teacher Yu planned to go out and give Juan a copy of the information, but found that the door lock was broken and could not be opened. Li Weijuan thought that Teacher Yu locked the door deliberately and wanted to jump out of the window in desperation. Teacher Yu misunderstood that she was going to commit suicide by jumping off the building and immediately hugged her.

At this time, the office door was pushed open, and the teachers who came in saw the embarrassing scene. The school leaders asked Juan’er and Teacher Yu to explain things clearly. Juan’er had never seen such a scene, and was a little bit bluffed. When she heard the teachers talking about punishing herself, she lied to the school leaders to protect herself. She lied that Teacher Yu wanted to plot against herself, so she wanted to jump out of the window and escape.

In the absence of other evidence, the school leaders believed Juan’er’s words. The wronged teacher Yu was miserable. In the night, in a hurry, he ran downstairs in the girls’ dormitory and yelled, asking Juan’er to make things clear. But all the students blamed him, and no one stood up for him. Before Zhang Kai grabbed more money from the teacher, he was owed in his heart, but seeing the current situation, Zhang Kai felt powerless. The security guard came and subdued Teacher Yu to the ground. The next day, Mr. Yu packed up his belongings and resigned from the school with the injuries caused by the security.

Zheng Wei found that Ah Zheng was in a difficult situation recently, so he asked Zhang Kai to find out that Ah is not experiencing something. Zhang Fai stubbornly said that one was a brother and one was a roommate, and the palms and backs of the hands were all fleshy. These words were hard to say, and then they were revealed to Zheng Wei either intentionally or unintentionally, and Mr. Xu was a bit cruel.

After Zheng Wei heard it, he guessed one or two, so he found Kaiyang and asked him why he didn’t pick up Ah Zheng. Kai Yang was also unambiguous, saying bluntly that he didn’t want to take care of his rival, and he didn’t want to see him behave with the girl he liked. Zheng Wei scolded Kaiyang for being narrow-minded, but Kaiyang also said that he was not obligated to work for Ah Zheng, and his poverty had nothing to do with him. Zheng Wei couldn’t help but hope that Kaiyang wouldn’t be embarrassed by Azheng, and if he felt unhappy in Kaiyang, he rushed to himself.

Kai Yang couldn’t understand that Zheng Wei had become so humble for other men, and threw his watch into the water in a rage, asking Zheng Wei to go into the water to help him pick up the watch. If the watch could be picked up, he would consider picking it up for Ah Zheng. . Zheng Wei jumped into the water without saying a word, groping around in the water under the rain. Kai Yang saw pain in his eyes, and immediately followed him into the water, hugging Zheng Wei to stop her.

Zheng Wei broke free from Kaiyang’s embrace, took out the watch from the water and returned it to him. When going to the water, he found Zheng Wei’s foot was injured, but Zheng Wei didn’t care and only asked Kaiyang to keep his word. Kaiyang looked at Zheng Wei doing this for Ah Zheng. No matter how unrestrained he was, he could only admit defeat, because Zheng Wei’s love for Ah Zheng was beyond his imagination and could not be obtained.

In a blink of an eye, the summer vacation came again, and everyone went home on vacation. Zheng Wei was the last one to leave in the dormitory. When he was alone at night, he felt a little frustrated, so he came to Azheng dormitory the next day and wanted to be with him. Zheng Wei asked Ah Zheng to accompany her to take a bath.

Zheng Wei excused that there were few predecessors at school and there should be no one in the bathhouse, so he forced Ah Zheng into the boys’ bathroom. The two were bathing and chatting in different showers. When handing soap, Ah Zheng found that Zheng Wei’s toenails were bruised. After taking a shower, Ah Zheng returned to the dormitory, painfully helped Zheng Wei apply the medicine and asked what was wrong with her feet. Zheng Wei made up a reason to explain to Ah Zheng, and only she and Kaiyang knew the real cause of the injury.

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