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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 13 Recap

Peng Sanbian asked Zhang Qishan to fight him blindfolded, and Zhang Qishan challenged him. Qi Tiezui poked two small holes in the blindfold in front of Zhang Qishan’s eyes. Zhang Qishan could see Peng Sanbian’s movement through the holes, but Peng Sanbian could only listen to Zhang Qishan’s moves through his ears. When the two were fighting, Yin Xinyue and Qi Tiezui deliberately spoke loudly, disturbing Peng Sanjian’s hearing, and Zhang Qishan took the opportunity to defeat Peng Sanjian.

After Peng Sanwhip lost, he realized that he was deliberately teased, so he became angry and wanted to kill Zhang Qishan. Yin Xinyue stopped Peng Sanwhip and pointed out in front of everyone that Zhang Qishan was the real Peng Sanwhip and her fiance. Everyone saw the lady of the Crescent Hotel testify in person, and no longer doubted.

Peng Sanbian felt very wronged, and angrily walked out of the Crescent Hotel, planning to order someone to investigate the sacred person who pretended to be himself. At this time, the president of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce found Peng Sanbian and said that he had seen that the person was a fake Peng Sanbian early in the morning, and said that he knew who the impostor was, and then invited Peng Sanbian into Jude Kao’s car.

Jude Kao intends to send people to assist Peng Sanbian to find Zhang Qishan for revenge, and by the way, he will use Peng Sanbian’s power to eradicate Zhang Qishan. Peng Sanbian was not stupid and didn’t want to bring someone else’s knife, so he wanted to negotiate terms with Jude Kao, but Zhang Qishan’s location and intelligence could only be provided by Jude Kao, and the negotiation failed, so he had to compromise.

After Yin Xinyue gave Zhang Qishan the medicine, he arranged for him to leave the hotel. Zhang Qishan expressed his gratitude to Yin Xinyue after receiving the medicine. Just as he planned to leave Miss Yin on this, Yin Xinyue insisted on sending him to the station. When Zhang Qishan and Yin Xinyue came to the station, they met Lord Belle who was waiting here. Lord Belle is a person who dares to love and hate.

In fact, he can see that this is not Peng Sanbian, but he still favors him and hopes to make friends with him. Zhang Qishan didn’t want to be extravagant, so he didn’t introduce himself too much to Master Baylor. Master Baylor gave Zhang Qishan a jade pendant as a token, so that he remembered to find himself when he went to the northeast.

Yin Xinyue pestered Zhang Qishan and followed him onto the train. Er Yuehong and the girl were a little surprised when they saw Yin Xinyue. They saw Xinyue’s attitude towards Zhang Qishan, and they were very happy for Zhang Qishan. Yin Xinyue said that Zhang Qishan had lit three sky lanterns in the hotel, and that he was her husband, and then began to call herself his wife. Zhang Qishan didn’t want to make trouble, so he gave Yin Xinyue the second heirloom ring, and wanted to get him out of the car.

Seeing this, the girl knew Yin Xinyue was unhappy, so she pulled her away and talked alone. February Red also spoke out for Xinyue, hoping that Zhang Qishan could keep her. After talking with the girl, Xinyue knew that Zhang Qishan was not so cold-blooded, and that he had already given Xinyue the heirloom, Xinyue was no longer angry. Back to Zhang Qishan, continue to play the true stalker, insisting on returning to Changsha with him.

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