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So Young (2016) 致青春 Episode 10 Recap

The love-lost Li Weijuan walked back to campus crying in the rain. As she walked, she accidentally stumbled on the ground, which made Juan’er feel worse and sad. At this moment, Juan’er couldn’t stand still, sitting on the ground alone and crying. Teacher Yu from the school just passed by and saw Juan’er’s miserable appearance, so he stepped forward to express condolences.

Teacher Yu is a little famous in school because of his maverick style. Juan’er usually can’t understand him and thinks he is very pretentious. Now at the moment of extreme sadness, this teacher appeared in front of her, which scared her a lot. jump. Seeing that Juan’er was in poor condition, Mr. Yu left her mobile phone number so that she could call herself if she had something to do.

Ruan Wan heard Zheng Wei say that Zhao Shiyong was deceiving himself, only said that he had misheard, he did not deceive himself, and then complained about Zheng Wei. Zheng Wei saw that his kindness was not rewarded, so he became angry with Ruan Wan and ignored her all day. Afterwards, Ruan Wan realized that he had said something serious, so he apologized to Zheng Wei and confessed that he knew everything in his heart, but didn’t want to admit it or break up. Although Zheng Wei didn’t understand why Ruan Wan endured such humiliation, he also gave a hug to show his support for his good friend.

In a blink of an eye, Zheng Wei and his roommates both reached their junior year. When school started to clean up, Ah Zheng came to help. Ah Zheng saw that there was a fairy tale by Andersen in Zheng Wei’s stuff, so he borrowed it and read it out of curiosity, hoping to learn about Zheng Wei’s hobbies. Unexpectedly, when he opened the book, he saw Zheng Wei’s photo of Lin Jing in the book. On the back of the photo, Lin Jing’s blessing to Zheng Wei was written. A Zheng looked at the photo of Lin Jing and heard his own heartbreak.

Zheng Wei went out on a date with Ah Zheng the next day. Ah Zheng was cold and absent-minded along the way. Zheng Wei sensed his unhappiness, but he didn’t say anything, only knowing that he was sulking there, so he grabbed Ah Zheng on the street and started a fight. Ah Zheng couldn’t help it, and returned Andersen’s fairy tales to Zheng Wei and complained to Zheng Wei, saying that she regarded herself as someone else’s substitute.

Zheng Wei looked at the back of Ah Zheng’s departure, and then opened Andersen’s fairy tales. After seeing Lin Jing’s photo, he knew why Ah Zheng was angry. She knew that the other party was actually jealous. Although she was a little angry, she was very sweet in her heart. Zheng Wei anxiously looked for Ah Zheng on the street, but when he could not find him, he went back to the campus to look for him. Encountering his roommates on the road, Zheng Wei was dragged away to eat hot pot.

When eating hot pot, the roommates felt amused when they saw Zheng Wei’s anxious appearance. They made Zheng Wei calm and made the boys anxious, so that he could put it away freely and let him care about himself. Zheng Wei listened to his roommates, so he resisted going to Ah Zheng for the time being, and chatted with his roommates while eating.

When they returned to the dormitory, the four girls were all drunk. Ah Zheng waited downstairs in Zheng Wei’s dormitory for one night. After seeing her back, he felt relieved. The thoughtful Ruan Wan spotted Ah Zheng who was standing downstairs, so she explained that she had a stomachache and asked Zheng Wei to help out to buy medicine. Zheng Wei went downstairs and met Ah Zheng. Zheng Wei explained his feelings and told Chen Xiaozheng firmly that his favorite person is him. Azheng felt Zheng Wei’s feelings and instantly relieved, and the two embraced tightly, confirming each other’s intentions.

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