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So Young (2016) 致青春 Episode 9 Recap

Zheng Wei sensed that Chen Xiaozheng was unhappy, so he chased him out and asked him for a gift. Originally, Ah Zheng wanted to lie that he was not prepared, but the uneasy expression betrayed him, Zheng Wei forcibly found a gift from him, which was a small wooden sculpture. The wood carving shows a girl sitting on a white whale. Although the gift is light, it hits Zheng Wei’s heart. Zheng Wei’s smile from the heart made Ah Zheng feel more at ease, and then took the initiative to kiss Zheng Wei. This kiss is the best gift for Zheng Wei.

Lin Jing returned to Italy, thinking of Zheng Wei who already had a sweetheart. Shi Jie sensed his loss, so he took him to eat dessert and comforted him. Looking at the cake on the table, Lin Jing thought that today was Zheng Wei’s birthday, so she found a candle to put it in, and across the mountains, she made a wish for her beloved in her heart.

Zheng Wei now has his own heart, and Xu Kaiyang has completely given up on Zheng Wei. He feels extremely embarrassed when he looks at Zheng Wei. However, Zheng Wei had many memories with Kaiyang. She didn’t want to lose Xu Kaiyang, a good friend, so she persuaded Kaiyang to figure it out and set the relationship between them, hoping to be able to play chess and play together in the future.

After Zheng Wei and Azheng were together, the two had a sweet little life at school. They skip class together, go out sketching together, go in and out of the cafeteria together, and occasionally flirt. The nerd Chen Xiaozheng also began to be like a big man in love, learning some bad tricks to coax girls, which made Zheng Wei love and hate.

Li Weijuan recently met a handsome and rich boyfriend. When she was shopping with her boyfriend, she kept asking her boyfriend to buy valuable things for herself, which made her boyfriend feel resentful towards her. At the same time, when Zheng Wei returned to the dormitory, he saw a little fat man sitting at the door of her dormitory waiting for Juan’er. Zheng Wei beckoned him to sit in the room and then asked him to understand the situation.

This little fat man is Juan’er’s high school classmate. He has not been admitted to the university after failing the exam for three years. This time he brought something to visit Juan’er. When Zheng Wei told Little Fatty that Juan’er had gone out with her boyfriend, Little Fatty’s expression was immediately clouded with ashes, and he immediately put down the gifts he had brought, and hurriedly left.

Juan’er returned to the dormitory and saw the little fat man waiting for herself under the rain. Juaner confessed to him that she would lead a good life beyond his reach and she would not stay with him. Juaner made the little fat man think that they had never known each other, and then walked into the dormitory without looking back. When Juaner returned to the dormitory, she saw the things left by the little fat man, including a model airplane. This plane carries Juan’er’s dream.

Xu Kaiyang and Zhu Xiaobei have a good relationship with a proprietress who sells barbecue on the side of the road. This evening, they help the proprietress wash the dishes together. The campus security saw that this aunt was always setting up a stall on the campus, and she hadn’t changed her after repeated teachings, so he spoke harshly to her.

Suddenly, Xu Kaiyang, who was washing the dishes, stood up for the proprietress. When the security guard saw Xu Kaiyang, his attitude immediately became respectful. When Zhu Xiaobei saw that Xu Kaiyang was a rich second generation, but he was so unassuming, he greatly appreciated his character.

After Li Weijuan’s boyfriend gave her a valuable bag, he broke up with her. And the people in the dormitory who have emotional problems, besides Juaner, there is also Ruan Wan. Zheng Wei accidentally discovered that Ruan Wan’s boyfriend Zhao Shiyong seemed to be deceiving her. After hearing what Zheng Wei said, Ruan Wan was unwilling to accept this fact.

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