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So Young (2016) 致青春 Episode 7 Recap

After the two spent the night in the hotel, Chen Xiaozheng and Zheng Wei pretended that nothing happened and went back to school. Zheng Wei’s student ID was in the hotel, but she didn’t know it. The hotel called Zheng Wei’s dormitory. Zeng Yu happened to pass by the auntie who was on the phone. She heard the auntie who was on the phone mentioning Zheng Wei’s name, so she said that she knew Zheng Wei, and then took the call from the auntie. Zeng Yu understood the situation, and an evil thought immediately popped up in his mind.

Within a few days, rumors that Zheng Wei and the boys opened a house spread all over the campus. Zheng Wei was very surprised to see that the students were talking about her, and then learned from the students that it turned out that this was Zeng Yu. Yuanjia is on a narrow road, and Zeng Yu just appeared in front of Zheng Wei at this time, and the two became angry when they met. Faced with Zheng Wei’s questioning, Zeng Yu was not afraid, and even more confidently touched Zheng Wei in public.

While slandering Zheng Wei, Zeng Yu also said what Zheng Wei joked in the dormitory that day in full view. Zheng Wei tried desperately to explain to the classmates, but everyone believed in Zeng Yu and didn’t believe in himself. Zheng Wei was very helpless. He could only watch Zeng Yu and laugh at himself as a winner.

Chen Xiaozheng was also present at this time, and seeing Zheng Wei being so slandered, he immediately walked to her and stood up for her. Chen Xiaozheng told the truth about the night and explained that he was sleeping in the hotel lobby. If the students didn’t believe it, they could check the surveillance. Ruan Wan also helped Zheng Wei and drove away all the onlookers. Zheng Wei was very happy to see Chen Xiaozheng standing up for him, but Chen Xiaozheng only said that he hoped to have nothing to do with her in the future.

Zheng Wei returned to the dormitory and scolded Li Weijuan, saying that she told Zeng Yu what she said in the dormitory. Juan’er felt very wronged, and she had never done such a thing. But Juan’er is the one with a big mouth in the dormitory, and she is looking at the book she borrowed from Zeng Yu. Zheng Wei and Ruan Wan agree that she betrayed Zheng Wei. Li Weijuan was angry and angry, and started to move at a disagreement with Zheng Wei.

At this time, Zhu Xiaobei returned to the dormitory and stopped the two of them. After Xiaobei learned about the situation, he confessed that these words were accidentally said by himself. The truth became clear. Juan’er cried so badly that Zheng Wei immediately apologized to her. The two people solved their misunderstandings and let them go.

Lin Jing and Shi Jie participated in a mutual aid association in Italy. Lin Jing told the students the story of herself and Zheng Wei at the mutual aid meeting, and Shi Jie also told her own story. She said that she once had a pilot boyfriend, but died in an air crash, and then she suffered from bulimia due to excessive sadness. Shi Jie was talking, not knowing which one was true or which was false, saying that after she had bulimia, she would eat everything and even people.

Lin Jing thought it was funny, so she took the plan and gave her pizza, and if she said she was hungry, she would eat the pizza first. Seeing this, Shi Jie had no choice but to bite the bullet and ate up the pizza. When the students were all gone, she immediately vomited a lot of meat and vegetables. Lin Jing knew that Shi Jie was also joking, and she couldn’t bear to see her vomiting like this, so she took her to her residence and made a delicious meal for her.

When Shi Jie was eating, she saw Lin Jing’s photo with Zheng Wei in her wallet, so she asked him if the person in the photo was the childhood sweetheart mentioned in the mutual aid meeting. Lin Jing smiled and said that those were all made up stories. Shi Jie was silent for a moment, and said that her own business was true, that her pilot boyfriend had died. Before Lin Jing knew that Shi Jie had been looking for the Fate Doll, she bought the Fated Doll back by chance. Lin Jing took out the fate doll, and then told Shi Jie’s unfinished story. Shi Jie looked at Fate Doll and felt a lot.

In an instant, Zheng Wei became a sophomore student. In the art performance, Zeng Yu, who usually looks like a tyrant, danced a graceful dance on the stage. Zheng Wei was in anger when he remembered the matter with Chen Xiaozheng and Zeng Yu before the roommates were talking. During the intermission, the host asked if any students would like to perform a show on stage. Zheng Wei thought for a while, rushed to the stage, pointed at Chen Xiaozheng, and then told everyone that she was going to sing “Goodbye”.

The sentimental lyrics reveal Zheng Wei’s heartfelt feelings. When he sings to the emotional point, Zheng Wei choked up and couldn’t sing. Ruan Wan walked out holding the ukulele, accompany Zheng Wei, and accompanied her to finish the show. Zheng Wei saw that he was supported by a good friend, and felt that even if he fell out of love, there was nothing to be afraid of.

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