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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 12 Recap

Yin Xinyue put on her menswear and met Peng Sanbian who broke into the Crescent Hotel. During the conversation, I guessed that this person should be Peng Sanbian himself, so the gentleman in the restaurant should be a fake. But Yin Xinyue fell in love with Zhang Qishan at first sight and decided to protect him, so he asked his servants to take Peng Sanbian to the side hall to take care of him, and told the domestic servants not to tell the matter.

Zhang Qishan sat in the box on the second floor at the auction. He looked around to observe the competitors in the field. In addition to the ordinary seats on the first floor, there are a total of four people sitting in the private rooms. One is Mr. Baylor from the Qing Dynasty, one is the president of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, and the other has a screen pretending to be mysterious.

The first round of auction items were all arranged by ordinary seated officials and nobles, and none of the people in the box sold them. The mysterious man hiding behind the screen turned out to be Jude Kao. He learned that Zhang Qishan was here and came to see what he was doing.

Among the three lots auctioned in the second round was the deer grass that Zhang Qishan thought of. The host suddenly announced that the second round of auctions will use blind auctions, and this round of auctions is also related to the marriage of Peng Sanbian and Yin Xinyue. If Peng Sanbian can shoot the same thing, he will use this as a gift . After Zhang Qishan and Qi Tiezui heard this, they finally understood the reason for Yin Xinyue’s erratic behavior before.

The auction was conducted in the form of blind auctions. Zhang Qishan didn’t intend to let any of them go, so he lights up the sky lanterns, and finally got the first two brocade boxes filled with herbs. When there was the last one left, Zhang Qishan’s funds were in crisis, and the President of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce even spoke out against the Chinese. Zhang Qishan asked Qi Tiezui to inform Jiuye, begging him for help.

After receiving the news, Jiuye complained a few words, feeling that Zhang Qishan always did some heroic behavior, but Foye was in trouble, he was obliged to provide help, and secretly broke the fund chain of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce. At the auction, Zhang Qishan’s words and deeds for the country won praise from Lord Baylor, and Lord Baylor privately gave Zhang Qishan a box of money. Zhang Qishan immediately photographed the last brocade box, and all three brocade boxes were in his bag.

After Zhang Qishan got the herbs, he waited for the auction to close, hoping to get the medicine and leave as soon as possible. Suddenly, the deity of Peng Sanbian broke into the auction. Peng Sanbian publicly accused Zhang Qishan of being a counterfeit, and Zhang Qishan would also use it, saying that he was the real one, and that the other party was a counterfeit, trying to get through. The host saw Yin Xinyue winking at her, so he arranged for Peng and Zhang to produce proof of identity. Zhang Qishan and Peng Sanbian insisted on their own words, and it was difficult to tell the truth from the false. Peng Sanbian suggested that Zhang Qishan should compete with him.

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