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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 11 Recap

The next day, the greedy and vain rich warlord, after hearing what Qi Tiezui said yesterday, asked the two companions around him to order a song of Mu Ke Zhai, and Zhang Qishan began to act as soon as he began to sing. Zhang Qishan stepped on the lyrics and rhythm in the play, avoiding Tingnu’s eyes and ears. But unexpectedly, his move was seen by Yin Xinyue.

Yin Xinyue still didn’t know Zhang Qishan’s true identity at this time, and only thought that this “Peng Sanbian” who had a marriage contract with him came up to the top to find himself, and was very happy. After she took off the men’s clothing on her body, she dressed up carefully, preparing for a romantic meeting with her wishful man. However, Zhang Qishan sneaked into the Treasure Pavilion, looking for deer living grass everywhere. Yin Xinyue waited in the room for a long time without seeing Zhang Qishan coming up, so he played music in the room, intending to give Zhang Qishan a hint, but accidentally the volume was too loud, Yin Xinyue groaned and was noticed by the listening slave downstairs.

Hearing slave heard an unusual movement upstairs, the young lady screamed again inexplicably, so she went upstairs to check. After Yin Xinyue waited for a while, she couldn’t help but walked out of the room to find Zhang Qishan. At this time, the door of the treasure pavilion did not close. Yin Xinyue felt something was wrong when she saw it, so she stepped forward to find out. Just as Yin Xinyue was about to open the door to enter, Ting Slave was about to walk to the top floor. Zhang Qishan opened the door and pulled Yin Xinyue into the treasure chest.

Yin Xinyue asked what Zhang Qishan was doing, and Zhang Qishan said that he was just looking at it curiously. Although Yin Xinyue didn’t believe what he said, she didn’t want him to be discovered, so she walked up the corridor, sent the listening slaves away, and saved Zhang Qishan. Zhang Qishan saw that the driver’s younger brother he met before was dressed in women’s clothing, and he heard the slaves calling her a lady, so he inferred that this person is the daughter of the New Moon Hotel Yin Xinyue.

Afterwards, Yin Xinyue called Zhang Qishan into the room and asked him why he broke into the house. Zhang Qishan saw that Yin Xinyue was a bit weird, but he was not a bad person, so he also confided that he was looking for medicine to save others. Yin Xinyue believed Zhang Qishan’s words for the time being, but he also explained that if you want to get the treasure at the New Moon Hotel, you can only get it by auction or in exchange for your life.

Zhang Qishan felt that stealing drugs was too risky, so he decided to participate in the auction. Back in the room, he counted the silver bills with Qi Tiezui, and found that with their current financial resources, he might not be able to compete with the many high-ranking officials present. Zhang Qishan informed Zhang’s family overnight, asking Adjutant Zhang to give some antiques at home to several antique shop treasurers, and ask them to pledge money to raise money.

After Zhang Qishan raised two silvers, he appeared at the auction the next day. Suddenly, the deity of Peng Sanbian came to the Crescent Hotel and made a lot of noise at the door. The family slave notified Yin Xinyue of the situation. Yin Xinyue was shocked when she heard Peng Sanbian appear at the door.

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