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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 10 Recap

Yin Xinyue, the eldest lady of the Crescent Hotel, led a group of men, dressed as women, sitting at the Peking Railway Station waiting for Peng Sanbian. It turned out that owner Yin of the Crescent Hotel had a good relationship with Peng Sanbian, so he planned to marry his daughter Yin Xinyue. However, Yin Xinyue had her own ideas, and she didn’t want to marry Suwei to meet and confess, so she brought a bunch of men to guard in the train station, wanting to ambush Peng Sanwhip.

After Zhang Qishan, Qi Tiezui, Er Yuehong, and the girl arrived in Beiping, Zhang Qishan pretended to be Peng Sanbian and acted. He saw that the girl was in poor health and there were too many people to hide, so he decided to go to the Crescent Hotel with Qi Tiezui, and then let Er Yuehong and the girl settle down in other hotels alone, in case something happened. Take care of them outside. Zhang Qishan, disguised as Peng Sanjian, successfully concealed Yin Xinyue’s party at the station. Yin Xinyue saw that the “Peng Sanjian” behaved very well and looked suave, and immediately rejoiced in his heart and stopped the ambush.

Yin Xinyue pretended to be the driver’s younger brother who picked up the car, and got Zhang Qishan and Qi Tiezui into the car. Along the way, Yin Xinyue tried to get close to Zhang Qishan in order to deepen his understanding, but Zhang Qishan only felt that this young man behaved strangely and seemed to be unruly.

Lu Jianxun learned from his subordinates that Zhang Qishan had been behind closed doors for two days, and after arresting Er Yuehong’s apprentice Chenpi, he also ignored him. Lu Jianxun guessed that there must be hidden secrets, so he went to prison, tried to provoke the relationship between Chen Pi and Er Yuehong, and asked him to answer some questions on the condition of saving his life. Chen Pi was not only unmoved, but looked at him very disdainfully. Lu Jianxun was a little irritated by Chen Pi’s attitude, so he ordered someone to take him away.

Zhang Qishan and Qi Tiezui entered the Crescent Hotel as Peng Sanbian. Inside the Crescent Hotel, there were dignitaries, singing and dancing everywhere, and a burst of extravagance came to your face. Zhang Qishan and Qi Tiezui discovered that at a gambling table not far away, the driver’s brother in the morning had become a rich young man, and he was gambling with a group of wealthy businessmen. His background was definitely not small. Zhang Qishan discovered that a female domestic slave behind the Kuo Shao had strange ears and her ears moved with the dice, which was absolutely extraordinary.

When the two were discussing these domestic slaves with amazing hearing, these domestic slaves also reacted immediately. Qi Tiezui was shocked that their hearing was amazing and seemed to be able to hear all the movements in the venue. In order to hide their true identity and purpose, Zhang and Qi decided to communicate in Changsha dialect. Zhang Qishan and Qi Tiezui looked around and guessed that the treasure chest where the auction item was placed was on the top of the heavily guarded house. When these amazing-hearing domestic slaves heard the change, they reported the situation to the guards.

The Crescent Hotel is very guarded, but Zhang Qishan has his own solution. He looked at the singing group on stage and seemed to have an idea in his heart. Zhang Qishan arranged for Qi Tiezui to investigate the hotel’s performances and learned that the hotel had hired the most famous troupe in Peking to sing for three consecutive days, and the highlight of the last day was ordered by the audience in the form of the highest price. play. When Qi Tiezui talks about singing, he thinks of Er Ye, Er Ye’s Mu Ke Zhai, which can be said to have been around for three days. What Zhang Qishan thought was to use Mu Ke Zhai’s music to avoid the eyes and ears of the Crescent Hotel.

The next day, Qi Tiezui was in the restaurant deliberately, telling some dignitaries about the starting point of the scene, and deliberately said that Mu Kezhai’s play was very lucrative. This was heard by a rich man. After Qi Tiezui returned to the room, he and Zhang Qishan prepared to sneak into the treasure chest. Master Zhang Dafo listened to the play in the room while making notes in his notebook.

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