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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 9 Recap

To enter the Crescent Hotel to take pictures of the deer and live grass, you must first have an invitation. Zhang Qishan, Er Yuehong, Qi Tiezui, and Jie Jiuye are discussing how to get the invitation. Xie Jiuye told everyone that Peng Sanbian, a wealthy businessman in Shanxi, was going to take a train to the Crescent Hotel. He would pass through Changsha, and he could take the opportunity to win invitations from Peng Sanbian. With the assistance of Jiuye, Zhang Qishan, Er Yuehong, and Qi Tiezui worked out a set of strategies for sneaking and leaving.

When Zhang Qishan visited the Red Mansion earlier, he found that the girl was injecting morphine for pain relief, and the collusion between tangerine peel and the Japanese was exposed. Adjutant Zhang arrested the tangerine peel for interrogation in accordance with Buddha’s orders. Chen Pi didn’t cooperate in the prison, and belittled Adjutant Zhang, saying that he was not qualified to try himself, and Zhang Qishan would come to the trial in person.

Adjutant Zhang and Chen Pi started their hands at a disagreement. The martial arts of the two were not the same, and they ended in a tie. Adjutant Zhang kindly reminded Chenpi that the medicine given by the Japanese could not cure his wife, and Chenpi was only used by the Japanese. After Chen Pi heard this, he was annoyed and helpless, saying that he was also eager to save the teacher.

Adjutant Zhang knew that Chenpi’s intention was not bad at this time, so he told him that the girl’s disease was actually cured by medicine. Er Yuehong and Zhang Qishan had gone to get the medicine personally, and Chenpi temporarily relieved his mind after hearing this. Adjutant Zhang asked Chen Pi who gave him the morphine. Chen Pi said frankly that he didn’t know who that person was, but he knew where he was.

Zhang Qishan, Er Yuehong, and Qi Tiezui pretended to be passengers on the train. Qi Tiezui dressed up as a fortune teller, and on the surface he was negotiating some business in the train, but in fact he was walking around trying to find out where Peng Sanbian was. After he found the location of Peng Sanbian and figured out the situation around Peng, he returned to Zhang Qishan and Er Yuehong and used gestures to inform them. According to the original plan, the three of them took advantage of the dim environment when the train entered the cave and stole Peng Sanbian’s attention.

Er Yuehong’s skill is the most for gain, so it is natural for him to take care of things. However, Peng Sanbian is not a vegetarian. When February Hong touched the invitation, his actions were suppressed by Peng Sanbian. The subordinates around Peng Sanbian pushed the door and saw that Peng Sanbian was inviting February Hong to drink. On the surface, they were respectful, but they were all pregnant behind.

Seeing that the situation was wrong, Zhang Qishan came to Peng Sanbian, only to see that Er Yuehong was in danger, he no longer concealed it, and wanted to force Er Yuehong away. When it was too late, Zhang Qishan started, and Peng Sanbian followed suit. In the chaos, another train passed by. Zhang Qishan, Er Yuehong and Qi Tiezui followed the planned escape method. , Jump to another train. The invitation was handed in and everyone was safe and sound.

Adjutant Zhang came to the Changsha Chamber of Commerce in the United States, intending to conduct investigations secretly, but unexpectedly met Jude. Adjutant Zhang simply confronted him and asked why Jude Kao had to inject morphine into the girl. Jude Kao had no regrets, saying that the girl was already dying, and it would be better to use morphine to make her go happily. Adjutant Zhang wanted to continue to ask, but suddenly there was a phone call, and Jude Kao signaled for Adjutant Zhang to answer. Adjutant Zhang picked up the receiver and heard Song Yuming’s Chief Song Officer on the other end of the phone.

Chief Song accused Adjutant Zhang of recklessness and trespassing here and told him to leave immediately. Adjutant Zhang is an interesting person. He turned and walked out the door, but did not leave the courtyard immediately. Instead, he stunned a guard in the courtyard. After confirming that this person was a Japanese, he knew that Jude Kao had a strong background and colluded with the Japanese. , I have a sense of measure.

Adjutant Zhang set a fire in the yard before leaving. Soon, the fire spread. Adjutant Zhang brought a team of people to take Jude Kao and Ryoko Tanaka to Zhang’s mansion to avoid the fire, and wanted to give him a disarm. Jude Kao was “entertained” by Adjutant Zhang in the Zhang Mansion. Jude Kao discovered that Zhang Qishan was not in the house when he was in Zhang’s mansion. He felt that something was strange, so he ordered Ryoko Tanaka to secretly investigate Zhang Qishan’s whereabouts.

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