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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 8 Recap

After Lu Jianxun came to Changsha, the nine gates of Changsha had considerable influence in the city, and Zhang Qishan was the first of the nine gates. The ambitious Lu Jianxun planned to ban the status of Jiumen in Changsha, and to disintegrate the Jiumen, Zhang Qishan must first be tripped. Lu Jianxun first visited Jie Jiuye, but he was euphemistically chased away by Jiuye. Then he ordered people to visit several other people in turn, all of them closed their doors.

Jude Kao and Ryoko Tanaka learned of Lu Jianxun’s frequent visits to Jiu Men, thinking that this man was brave and intrepid, and could use him if necessary.

Qi Tiezui returned to Zhang Qishan and reported to him what he had heard. To be on the safe side, Zhang Qishan felt that he still had to persuade Er Yuehong to come out and help. Zhang Qishan and Qi Tiezui knew that Er Yuehong was not unwilling to take action, but just to take care of the girl. They were afraid that they would leave the girl alone, or the girl would leave first, so they had to stand by. Qi Tiezui felt that this was a dead end, and couldn’t think of a way for a while, so he asked Jiuye for help.

As soon as Cao Cao said Cao Cao would be there, Jiu Ye visited Zhang Qishan at this time. After the three people talked about these things, they did not agree. Jiuye believes that the person who needs to tie the bell to untie the bell will have to let the girl come forward to persuade the girl to come out in February.

At this moment, February Red was on stage in Liyuan, Zhang Qishan and Jiuye came to the Red Mansion and persuaded the girl to open the mouth to let February Red come out of the mountain. Although the girl knew that February Red’s move could help Changsha and stop the Japanese conspiracy, but worried about the safety of February Red, so she refused Zhang Qishan. As the girl was talking, she suddenly became ill, and the servant immediately injected the girl with morphine from Jude Kao.

The well-informed Jiu Ye prescribed the injected medicine and felt something was wrong, so he took a copy back. Back at Zhang Qishan’s mansion, Jiu Ye told Zhang Qishan about the matter and said that the morphine was extracted from opium. Currently, these things are only available in Japan. Although Zhang Qishan was surprised, he also guessed that the Japanese are now eyeing on February red, and there are probably many unknown dangers waiting for them.

Jiu Ye told Zhang Qishan that he had received news that the Crescent Hotel in Beiping would auction deer grass in a week. This deer living grass can be used as a medicine to treat the girl’s disease. After Zhang Qishan knew about it, he thought it would help Er Yuehong and the girl. Without a word, he decided to go to Peking with Jiu Ye, and then went to the Red House to visit Er Yuehong. .

Zhang Qishan told Er Yuehong about the morphine and deer grass, and asked Er Yuehong where the morphine came from. After hearing the news, Er Yuehong was very angry and told this morphine was brought by a foreigner named Jude Kao, who was introduced by Chen Pi. After Zhang Qishan heard this, he planned to ask the tangerine peel for questioning. Er Yuehong said that the tangerine peel may have been used by the Japanese, so Zhang Qishan should not embarrass the tangerine peel too much.

Er Yuehong intends to go to Beiping with Zhang Qishan. After hearing this, the girl asked to go together. She was worried that she would not be able to wait for Er Yuehong to return, and hoped to spend the rest of the day with her husband.

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