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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 7 Recap

Er Yuehong wanted to help Zhang Qishan, but didn’t want to come forward, so she wrote the ancestors’ information about the mine in the letter, and then sent Chenpi secretly to Zhang Qishan’s mansion. After Chen Pi got the letter, he didn’t immediately send it to Zhang Qishan, but copied a copy in advance and took it to Ryoko Tanaka. Chen Pi did not immediately hand over the copied letter to Ryoko Tanaka, but asked to meet the real buyer.

After Tanaka agreed, he took Chen to the Changsha Chamber of Commerce in America and asked him to wait in the lobby. Unexpectedly, this hall actually ambush the assassin, intending to plot the tangerine peel and take the letter directly. Chen Pi’s extraordinary skill caused the enemy to fall into a hard fight. Jude Kao appeared at this time and quelled the fight. Jude Kao seemed to be the one who wanted the information. He said that if Chen Pi gave him the letter, he would treat the girl.

After Chen Pi and Jude Kao reached a deal, they took the original letter to Zhang Qishan’s mansion. Zhang Qishan and Qi Tiezui read the letter. The typeface in the letter could be seen to be deliberately changed, but it is hard to hide the fact that the letter was written by February Red. After Zhang Qishan got the information written in the letter, he decided to go again, but before going, he sent Qi Tiezui to the vicinity of the mine to investigate some local conditions.

Intelligence agent Lu Jianxun was recently transferred to Changsha to assist Zhang Qishan in his work. Zhang Qishan is wary of Lu Jianxun. He believes that this person is definitely not easy. If he comes this time, there may be changes.

Jude Kao pretended to be a doctor and followed the tangerine peel to the February Red Mansion to treat the girl. Jude Kao used morphine to temporarily relieve the pain of the girl and gained the trust of the girl and the tangerine peel.

Disguised as a fortune teller, Qi Tiezui came to a town near the mine to explore the locals. He inquired from the villagers that there was a crazy beggar who behaved strangely. He felt that this beggar might know something, and he found the crazy beggar in the direction the villagers guided. The mad beggar kept pulling his hair out, and still muttering words, saying that his hair would eat him.

Qi Tiezui gave a slight trick, and learned from the beggar that ten months ago, the beggar went to the back mountain and encountered something terrible like hair, which made him very scared. After Qi Tiezui helped the beggar shave his head and comforted him, the beggar finally became less afraid. Qi Tiezui also learned from other villagers that some Japanese had recently arrived in the village, sneaking around the mine, and Qi Tiezui gradually got an eye for the things in the mine.

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