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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 38 End Recap

The wedding of Shuan Zhu and Tianjiao was grandly held, and all family and friends attended the ceremony. When the wedding emcee was about to invite both parents to the stage, Liu Siyang witnessed all these past events suddenly popping into his mind. He thought of the educated youth, of Kaoshantun, and everything in the past. Everyone was happy for him to learn that his memory had recovered.

Soon Liu Siyang personally organized a family banquet, Li Daya, Wang Fugui and others sat at the same table. The friends of thirty years have now become relatives. In the past thirty years, they have lived and died of grievances, love and hatred. It is really time flies to make people, now they are sitting together. Li Daya was ashamed and apologized for everything she had done in the past.

Liu Siyang and others sent Sha Sha and Ma Qianli to the railway station together, and Ma Qianli and Sha Sha were going to Kaoshantun to be village officials together. Soon after Liu Siyang was reinstated, Qiao Huimin was also appointed as acting director of the Bureau of Radio, Film and Television. Mei Fengju couldn’t laugh or cry, feeling that Qiao Huimin had no intention of inserting a willow, and he was still her immediate boss. After all the dust settled, Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin registered their marriage.

Liu Siyang must have a wedding. He discussed with Sasha and planned to return to Kaoshantun on the road of educated youth. Before leaving, Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin went to see Wu Laoba’s cemetery together. Liu Siyang took away a handful of soil from Wu Laoba’s cemetery. He said that he must take Wu Laoba with him for his wedding.

Because the educated youth spot had three college students, Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin, and Hao Jiali, the educated youth spot has been retained in the village to encourage the children in the village to study hard.

Liu Siyang and other former educated youths and several college students who had good relations with them returned to Kaoshantun gracefully, and the villagers in Kaoshantun welcomed them back with gongs and drums. The wall of the educated youth point is hung with their past photos, and the room basically maintains their past decoration style. All the educated youth revisited their old places with mixed feelings.

Qiao Huimin’s heart is surging. At night, he is standing in the courtyard next to the sedan chair Liu Siyang used to tie her back. The sedan chair has been repaired by Liu Siyang. Liu Siyang went out to see Qiao Huimin and thought of the past. He told Qiao Huimin that he would use a sedan chair to marry Qiao Huimin from Wang Fugui’s house. Qiao Huimin took out Liu Siyang’s sweater that she had repaired and told him to wear it tomorrow. Liu Siyang also let her wear a red sweater tomorrow.

The next day, Liu Siyang wore a sweater knitted by Qiao Huimin for him, and brought the red sedan chair to Wang Fugui’s house. Qiao Huimin was wearing a red sweater, just like the past. When Qiao Huimin got on the sedan chair, the red silk of the sedan chair made her face red. Liu Siyang walked in front of the welcoming team, followed by former educated youth comrades carrying the sedan chair. In the joyous and lively and festive atmosphere, although Liu Siyang was late for thirty years, he finally married his bride. He took his sonorous steps and took his late bride to a better tomorrow…

The end

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