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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 37 Recap

Qiao Huimin went to the school to find Sa Sa, and as the grandmother of Sa Sa’s child, she persuaded Sa Sa to get rid of the child. Qiao Huimin’s special status allowed Sa Sa to reconsider Qiao Huimin’s words.

Mother Li Daya and her son invited Liu Siyang and Hao Jiali out for tea. Li Daya obliquely expressed that she wanted Sasha to keep the child. Seeing that they were talking more and more, Liu Siyang stood up and wanted to leave immediately. Wang Fugui blurted out anxiously to bid Hao Jiali 1.5 million, hoping that she would agree to let Sasha keep the baby. Liu Siyang Hao Jiali walked away angrily.

Li Daya’s mother and son started a battle to defend their grandson. Wang Fugui deposited one and a half million in Sasha’s account, and then the mother and son took their passbooks to the school to find Sasha. Wang Fugui urged Sasha to save her and lost her life in order to save her. She must keep the child. Sasha was young and vigorous and immediately said that she would definitely give birth to the baby. Li Daya mother and son knelt down to the ground and thanked Sasha.

Seeing that she couldn’t persuade Sasha, Hao Jiali thought of the method of admonishing the corpses of the ancients. She wanted to persuade Sa Sa one more time, but Sa Sa felt that both Li Daya and her son had knelt down on her own. She had already opened the bow and had no arrow back, and Sa Sha still did not change her mind. Hao Jiali was desperate.

Hao Jiali called Qiao Huimin before saying goodbye, and Qiao Huimin heard the abnormality in her words. She hurried home with Sasha. Sure enough, Hao Jiali had already written her suicide note and poured out the entire bottle of sleeping pills. Qiao Huimin hurried home with Sasha and stopped Hao Jiali in time. Sasha wept bitterly and promised to leave the child. Then, they accompany Sasha to the hospital to kill the child.

Mother and son Li Daya, Master Yang, and Xuezhu were preparing to attend the collective wedding together. Just as they were getting dressed, Liu Siyang called to tell them that Sa Sa had already had an operation. When Wang Fugui heard that his grandson was gone, he burst into tears. When Wang Fugui went to the Tianshu cemetery to drink, he was drunk. When he met Qiao Huimin to worship the Tianshu, Qiao Huimin sent him home. Wang Fugui fell two front teeth when he was leaving.

When Wang Fugui woke up, he didn’t know how he came back, so he said he had sent it back from the heavenly book. Xuezhu was shocked when he heard this, thinking that Wang Fugui had another mental illness, and sent him to a mental hospital again. It was not until Qiao Huimin explained what happened in the cemetery that day that Wang Fugui was discharged from the hospital.

Liu Siyang discussed with Qiao Huimin and Hao Jiali that Shuan Zhu had returned to China, and it was time for Shuan Zhu and Tianjiao to prepare their wedding. Everyone felt that it was a matter of course, and they agreed. Wang Fugui gave Tianjiao the keys to the two houses and asked her to do one set for the dowry and one set to Sasha. When Tianjiao discussed with Qiao Huimin and Liu Siyang, Chuan Zhu expressed his willingness to work hard for the future life on his own, so he didn’t want to accept the house. Sasha planned to go to the countryside to work as a village official, so she also refused to accept the house.

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