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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 36 Recap

Wang Fugui was so immersed in the pain of losing his son that he couldn’t get out of it, so he was in a trance. He looked for drugs for forgetting sex every day, trying to forget his son’s painful past. The family coaxed him into a mental hospital.

Li Daya actively proposed to Master Yang that Xuezhu and Wang Fugui should break up because she also regarded Xuezhu as her own child and could not let Xuezhu marry a lunatic. Master Yang was very pleased to hear this, and he comforted Li Daya not to worry, this family is closed, just waiting for Wang Fugui to recover from his illness.

Sasha found out that she was pregnant. She was very entangled. She went to the tomb of Tianshu and wanted Tianshu to help her decide. She asked Tianshu to help her decide whether to work hard or give birth to the baby. She set up the fountain pen given to her by the heavenly book in front of the heavenly book tomb and decided to give birth to the child by herself if the fountain pen stood up. As a result, the pen stood upright.

When Sa Sa told Liu Siyang about the pregnancy, Liu Siyang was shocked. Sa Sa knew that Liu Siyang would definitely object, and she told Liu Siyang strongly that she would definitely give birth to the child. Liu Siyang was furious. After he calmed down and put himself in Sasha’s position and thought for a while, he caressed Sasha’s head lovingly and told her that he understood her thoughts, after all, he had loved him when he was young. He asked Sasha to think about the child’s situation and respect her decision.

The next day Qiao Huimin saw Liu Siyang depressed and asked him again and again. Liu Siyang told Qiao Huimin that Sasha was pregnant. Qiao Huimin was very entangled. She came to the tomb of Tianshu alone and told him that she was very happy when she knew that Sasha was pregnant, as if she felt that Tianshu was resurrected, but she decided to let Sasha destroy the child, otherwise it would be unfair to Sasha.

Liu Siyang told Hao Jiali about Sa Sa’s pregnancy. Hao Jiali was very surprised. She persuaded Sa Sa to get rid of the child, but Sa Sa said that Tianshu saved herself at the last moment of her life and she must give birth to the child.

Wang Fugui recovered and was discharged from the hospital. Li Daya told Wang Fugui that Xuezhu would never leave him, so she suggested that Wang Fugui could marry Xuezhu. The next day, Li Daya, Master Yang, and Wang Fugui and Xuezhu went through the marriage procedures at the Civil Affairs Bureau and received a marriage certificate.

In the evening, Wang Fugui went to Qiao Huimin’s house to send an invitation card, inviting her to attend the collective wedding held by himself and Xuezhu in the Civil Affairs Bureau. At this time, Hao Jiali came to visit and saw that Wang Fugui was there. She happened to tell them in front of the Tianshu parents that she must let Sasha kill the child.

Qiao Huimin was very guilty and felt sorry for Sa Sa and promised to persuade Sa Sa to go to the hospital. Wang Fugui was surprised at first and then exploded. He firmly disagreed with Sasha being the child. He excitedly told Hao Jiali that he was willing to pay all the expenses of having a child, as long as the child was saved. Hao Jiali slapped him furiously.

Wang Fugui ran to Li Daya overnight, the book is coming, and his grandson is sprouting. Li Daya thought Wang Fugui was sick again.

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