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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 35 Recap

After being overwhelmed with great grief and joy, Liu Siyang saw this scene suddenly appeared in his mind, the young girl Qiao Huimin who wore a red sweater and exuded youthful vitality. Liu Thought was stunned, and he told Qiao Huimin in a whisper that he had just seen Qiao Huimin sitting under a tree wearing a red sweater. Qiao Huimin was very surprised. She knew Liu Siyang’s memory was slowly recovering. Qiao Huimin took Liu Siyang back home.

Tianshu secretly bought a fountain pen and gave it to Sa Sa. Sa Sa was very happy and couldn’t put it down with the fountain pen. Tianshu mustered up the courage to tell Sasha that this was a gift from her boyfriend to his girlfriend, but Sasha didn’t know it. After thinking about it, she suddenly understood that this was a confession to her. She shyly accepted the heavenly book.

Qiao Huimin recorded the past photos of the educated youth into a CD for Liu Siyang to watch slowly, so that Liu Siyang could remember the past when he looked at the CD. Hao Jiali took her newly published book “Bitter Love” to Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin. She said it was a book with their stories, and each of them was in the book.

Four years later, Qiao Huimin taught Liu Siyang to read and read every day. On this day, Qiao Huimin suggested to Liu Siyang that she was tired of coming to Liu Siyang’s house every day. She wanted to marry Liu Siyang and move to He came to live at home. Liu Siyang felt wronged to Qiao Huimin, but Qiao Huimin said that they had been in love for 30 years and did not care about the form. She decided to marry Liu Siyang in three days.

As the monitor, Mei Fengju gathered several old classmates together to discuss the wedding of Qiao Huimin and Liu Siyang. Everyone felt that the two of them had been in love for thirty years and couldn’t just get married in this simple way. Mei Fengju gave them the task of organizing the wedding separately, and everyone readily accepted it.

Wang Fugui accidentally learned about the affairs of Tianshu and Sa Sa’s object. He and Li Daya approached Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin together, and clearly told them that the Wang family did not want to be with them. At this time, Tianshu asked Sasha to accompany Qiao Huimin to choose a wedding dress. The Tianshu watched Sasha try on the wedding dress and told her emotionally that they would wear this wedding dress when they get married in the future.

When the two of them walked out of the bridal shop together talking and laughing, a truck drove up quickly. The driver was dozing off because of fatigue, and the truck flew head-on towards them. Tianshu found danger and pushed Sasa away. Tian Shu died of serious injuries, and his relatives were heartbroken.

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