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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 9 Recap

Xie Tianci learned that he was actually a descendant of the Japanese Muto family. The Japanese told him that either he died as a Chinese or survived as a Japanese. Xie Tianci, who was greedy and afraid of death, chose the latter. He learned that his real name was Muto Koji. After all the hardships, Li Wenxuan and his team finally came to Shanghai, and Jiadong could finally enter the big hospital for regular treatment. Xie Ruoxue came out of the dormitories of Li Wenxuan and his students and stayed alone in the street. At this time, Xie Ruoxue and Li Wenxuan had known each other for a long time, but the relationship had always been detached.

Just when Xie Ruoxue was sad and sad, Han Shuying, Han Shuying’s cousin, came over and asked her to talk to her. Xie Ruoxue asked Han Weisong to borrow money. Han Weisong lent her a condition and hoped to date her. Li Wenxuan is directing the students to sing. Suddenly the students’ singing stopped. Li Wenxuan looked back. Xie Ruoxue appeared behind him carrying chickens, ducks and fish. It turned out that after Xie Ruoxue witnessed their difficult living conditions , Decided to help them improve their living conditions, she asked Han Weisong to borrow money for precisely this reason. In order to attract Li Wenxuan’s attention, Xie Ruoxue carefully dressed Han Weisong when he was dating. In the ballroom, Han Weisong gave Xie Ruoxue all his compliments, and then invited him to dance a jazz together.

Unlike Xie Ruoxue, in the face of Xie Jiadong in need of further treatment, Han Shuying begged her uncle and aunt to help Xie Jiadong solve the medical expenses, but her uncle and aunt gave Xianjia three ships of coal at all, and even refused to pay a penny. Han Shuying threatened to sell the house, and her uncle agreed to pay Xie Jiadong medical expenses. Aunt Han Shuying felt that Xie Jiadong’s illness was a bottomless hole, and she was afraid that Han Shuying would not be able to use the house as a threat if she didn’t have the money. She decided not to do anything, and wanted to secretly throw Xie Jiadong outside. She took advantage of the reason to open Han Shuying, and then drove Xie Jiadong to a place no one knew. Han Shuying’s sister-in-law thought she did it without knowing it, but was still seen by a farmer and his wife. Han Shuying returned home and couldn’t find Xie Jiadong, so he was very anxious. She went out alone to find Xie Jiadong.

When she met Li Wenxuan on the road, they searched together. Han Shuying and Li Wenxuan searched for Xie Jiadong, but they couldn’t find it. They decided to call the police, but the police also made it clear that the public security was too chaotic, and there were several children missing a day, so the alarm may not be useful. Just when Han Shuying reported the case, Sun Jinbao, a policeman who worked as a guard at the normal school where Han Shuying was working, saw all of this in his eyes.

After Han Shuying left, Sun Jinbao decided to take over the case, because as early as when he was a janitor, he already had a crush on Han Shuying. Sun Jinbao came to Xie’s house and found Li Wenxuan, Han Shu Ying and Han Shuying’s uncle and aunt asked some basic information, and then he quickly found out the unreasonable things in what Han Shuying’s aunt said. At this time, Han Weisong Xie Ruoxue came back and saw that there were police everywhere. When she learned that Xie Jiadong was missing, she angrily rebuked them that they couldn’t even hold a child.

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