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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 8 Recap

Li Wenxuan confided his ideals to Han Shuying by the river. He turned out to be an anti-Japaneseist. Li Wenxuan’s narration moved Han Shuying, and the conversation stirred up Han Shuying’s anti-Japanese flames. Xie Ruoxue was very uncomfortable to see Han Shuying and Li Wenxuan alone, and even used the name of a mother to remind Han Shuying to pay attention to the generation between him and Li Wenxuan. Han Shuying also noticed Xie Ruoxue’s thick vinegar, so he excused Xie Jiadong and left them. Xie Ruoxue borrowed the secret words he used with Li Wenxuan when he was a teenager to express his love for Li Wenxuan. Then Li Wenxuan picked up Xie Jiadong, Xie Ruoxue and Han Shuying and went on to Shanghai together.

Soon, Li Wenxuan’s colleague Wang Jianan met them. Wang Jianan told them that the nearby ships were controlled by the Japanese, so it was difficult for them to go to Shanghai by waterway. The only solution was to find a black ship. At this time, Han Shuying said that he had two familiar ship bosses nearby, and he was willing to ask them for help.

So, with the help of the ship’s boss, several people finally arrived in Shanghai. Wang Jianan refused to join the two sisters Xie Ruoxue and Li Wenxuan on the grounds that the performance troupe was in a tight budget, not to mention that university teachers had not been able to take the lead to bring bad results. Xie Ruoxue was reluctant and had to be with Li Wenxuan. Han Shuying said that no matter where Xie Ruoxue went, Xie Jiadong had to go with her, because Jiadong needed to see a doctor. Helpless Xie Ruoxue had to choose to live with her at home with Han Shuying. When Han Shuying and other people came home, her aunt was playing mahjong with several other friends. She had a good luck and kept winning. Han Shusong, Han Shuying’s cousin, wanted to go out and took some money from her winning money to go out. As soon as he opened the door, he saw cousin Han Shuying.

The return of Han Shuying surprised her uncle and aunt. Compared to the safety of Han Shuying, they are more concerned about whether the three ships of coal promised by Xie Bingyan can come as scheduled. After a brief embarrassment, they were welcome to Han Shuying, but they were not so friendly to Xie Ruoxue, but this house was still the property of Han Shuying, so Han Shuying wanted to let Xie’s brother There is no way for them to come in. Han Weisong took a fancy to Xie Ruoxue’s beauty, and began to talk to her, but he touched his nose. Han Shuying’s aunt made Xie Ruoxue all kinds of trouble, not only let her live with the servant, but also let her do housework.

Xie Ruoxue used to be Xie Bingyan’s palm statement. In addition to his strong personality, he naturally refused to accept it and had a big quarrel with Han Shuying’s aunt. Han Shuying hurriedly persuaded, and the two finally settled down for a while. Xie Jiadong’s condition is very difficult, not only has no hope of successful treatment, medical expenses are also extremely expensive. At this time, Han Shuying, determined to take on Xie’s responsibilities, insisted on treating Xie Jiadong’s illness. For this, she asked her uncle and aunt before Wages when working in a shipyard. Higashino said he would take Xie Tianci to a place where he should go, and then escorted him to the car. Xie Tianci was taken to Harbin, where a Japanese told him that Xie Tianci was actually a Japanese.

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