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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 50 End Recap

In the middle of the night, Xie Tianci discovered that Xie Ruoxue was gone, and he hurriedly asked Muto Jifu. It turned out that Muto Jifu found out that the child in Xie Ruoxue’s stomach was Han Weisong. Xie Tianci pleaded with Muto Jifu and said he could be punished instead of Xie Ruoxue. Mutojiv told Xie Tianci that killing Xie Ruoxue was the biggest punishment for him. He ignored the knees of Xie Tianci and wept bitterly, throwing him away and going out. Xie Tianci told Xie Ruoxue that he had done his best this time, but he was helpless.

Across the door, the two finally explained what happened in the past, eliminating the gap between each other. Mutojiv’s driver found out that his tires were leaking and went to the auto repair shop. After the repair, he found that it was time to get off work and hurriedly went to pick Mutojiv. At this time, Xie Tianci was very entangled in his heart. I don’t know whether to tell him the news that Mr. Muto will be assassinated, because Mr. Muto is also his father. Xie Tianci was arranged to investigate whether there was a mine under Muto Gif’s car. He held a minesweeper to detect it for a moment, and soon found the mine, but he struggled for a long time without telling him the news.

Before getting into the car, Takeo told Xie Tianci that he had asked a foreign neurologist to heal his hand. Xie Tianci was very moved by this matter, but he was not willing to expose Xie Ruoxue, so Xie Tianci asked Mutojifu to stop, and he would also go with Mutojifu. Xie Tianciyi turned his back on the car leading to death, which surprised Han Shuying. She almost shouted on the spot. The car exploded shortly after traveling, taking advantage of the chaos, Han Shuying and other comrades left first, and Li Wenxuan went to rescue Xie Ruoxue alone. Li Wenxuan found Xie Ruoxue, but Xie Ruoxue was locked in the attic. Xie Ruoxue did not want to involve Li Wenxuan, let Li Wenxuan go first. Unwilling to give up, Li Wenxuan desperately opened the door of the attic.

Under the cover of comrades, Li Wenxuan and Xie Ruoxue finally managed to escape. Due to the murder of Muto Giff, Shanghai quickly entered martial law. In order to escape, Li Wenxuan’s car broke through the roadblock and bumped all the way. Xie Ruoxue felt that he was about to give birth. In order to escape, the crowd went around in the woods. At this time, Xie Ruoxue finally couldn’t hold on. Thanks to a comrade who knew a nearby midwife, this caused Xie Ruoxue to give birth to her daughter without any risk, but because of The reason for the bumps all the way, Xie Ruoxue had a heavy bleeding after birth.

Xie Ruoxue knew that he was about to die soon, and entrusted his daughter to Han Shuying, and agreed with Li Wenxuan to see him in his next life. Han Shuying and Li Wenxuan brought the child up. At this time, news of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War came, and the whole country was joyous.

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