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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 5 Recap

Han Shuying was reluctant to revenge, so she cheated the oar from Xie Tianci after waiting for the boat. She threatened Xie Tianci with Xie Tianci and told him to give him the mine contract. After obtaining the mining contract, Han Shuying embarked on his way back to Xie’s home, and Xie Tianci continued to run away. Before leaving, Xie Tianci shouted that Han Shuying would regret it. The Japanese occupied Xie Zhai, but they could not find the deed of mine when they rummaged around. Higashino found Xie Tianci not in Xie’s house. He learned from Xie’s servants that Xie Tianci had already escaped. Han Shuying learned from the road population that Xie Bingyan had died, and she knew that Xie Jiadong would die if there was no mine contract, and she decided to rescue Xie Jiadong.

Han Shuying went to Xie House to make a deal with the Japanese after borrowing the courage of wine. Because she did not trust the Japanese, before giving the mine deed to Dongye, she asked Dongye to take a vow of oath with the safety of her parents and promised not to Hurt family members. Han Shuying gave Xie Jiadong to Niu Er. Niu Er took Xie Jiadong and Xie Ruoxue. Han Shuying went to worship Xie Bingyan. Xie Ruoxue cried in front of Xie Bingyan’s tomb and hoped that Xie Bingyan would come back. Niu Er vowed that he would do his best to save Xie Ruoxue and Xie Jiadong. However, when Han Shuying went to worship, Xie Ruoxue suddenly had trouble, she said that Han Shuying was not qualified to worship Xie Bingyan.

Han Shuying left alone, Niu Er chased up, hoping she could stay and help take care of Xie Ruoxue and Xie Jiadong. Xie Jiadong was frightened by the Japanese army and was seriously ill, so he was unconscious. When Xie Ruoxue came to take care of him, he suddenly started to lose his temper and used the windmill to stop Xie Ruoxue. The spoiled Xie Ruoxue refused to be so angry. Start scolding him. Xie Ruoxue went to Xie Zhai and wanted to take her mother’s card away. After searching for a long time in Xie Zhai, she finally found the card, but at this time she was also surrounded by a group of Japanese soldiers, who first snatched her mother’s The cards were thrown around, and the intention was to move her foot. At this time, some Japanese conscientious translators called Han Shuying, and Han Shuying shouted Dong Ye out, with the poison oath he had issued.

For reasons, let Dong Ye drink his soldiers, successfully rescued Xie Ruoxue. Li Wenxuan and his other colleagues walked up a mountain. After the meal arrived, Li Wenxuan learned from the Xiaowu mouth, who is also a teacher, that the Japanese had occupied the mineral veins. Under his further questioning, Xiaowu told He, after the Japanese occupied the mine veins, also killed the biggest mine vein owner-Xie Bingyan. The Xie family and the Li family are world friends, so Li Wenxuan decided to go back and have a look. He and another team leader Wang Jianan agreed to meet at the mountain temple on Yueling Mountain.

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