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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 49 Recap

Facing Han Shuying’s muzzle, Xie Tianci is very calm. In fact, he has been waiting for Han Shuying for a long time. Han Shuying fired three shots at him, and Xie Tianci fell on the sofa. At this time, Sun Jinbao and Xie Ruoxue rushed over, and many Japanese soldiers also chased them. Han Shuying and Sun Jinbao quickly jumped out of the window, but Xie Ruoxue did not come down, she said to Han Shuying, let herself be Han Shuying did something, then, she turned around and greeted the Japanese soldiers. The Japanese soldiers were very rude to Xie Ruoxue.

At this time, Xie Tianci, who was seriously injured, lied that Xie Ruoxue’s children were his own, making the Japanese soldiers act softer for Xie Ruoxue. Not only Xie Ruoxue, including Han Shuying, could not understand why Xie Tianci Will save Xie Ruoxue. Xie Tianci fooled Mutojiv in the excuse of drunkenness, but Mutojifu still suspected him, and threatened him that if the child was not a member of the Muto family, then Xie Ruoxue and the child would die miserably. Xie Tianci explained to Xie Ruoxue that He Chutian’s death had nothing to do with himself, and why he didn’t tell Han Shuying.

Later, he reminded Xie Ruoxue that he could trust Mrs. Muto, but he could not trust Mr. Muto, so he went out. Han Shuying went to Xie Ruoxue to visit Muto. Mrs. Muto reunited the sisters of Xie Ruoxue and Han Shuying on the pretext of letting Xie Ruoxue bask in the sun. After returning home, Han Shuying continued to run her own teaching class. She taught the children to read patriotic poems such as Man Jianghong. At this time, Li Wenxuan returned to Shanghai again, and the organization hoped that he could use the relationship with Xie Tianci to obtain a batch of medical products from Xie Tianci.

Han Shuying and Xie Tianci were engaged and Xie Ruoxue was pregnant with Xie Tianci’s child. These two news surprised Li Wenxuan. He immediately found Han Shuying. From Han Shuying’s mouth, he learned that everything happened in the past six months thing. Li Wenxuan promised that he must rescue Xie Ruoxue, and invited Han Shuying to go to the base with himself after the incident, but Han Shuying still wanted to seek revenge from Mutojiv, so he rejected him. Xie Tianci felt tired of war in his heart. Taketo Yoshio talked to him. He took the opportunity to speak out his doubts. Taketo Yoshio said that the war had reached such a point that it could not be alleviated and it was endless.

Muto Gif realized that everyone in Shanghai wanted to kill him, so he strengthened the defense around him. In the evening, Xie Tianci was drunk again. He saw Han Shuying coming towards himself, so he handed her the gun and let her kill herself. This time, Han Shuying didn’t do anything, so Xie Tianci told Han Shuying his grievances over the years. The next day, after Xie Tianci woke up, he saw Li Wenxuan Han Shuying being around him. Li Wenxuan asked Xie Tianci to help himself deliver drugs. Xie Tianci considered for a long time and finally agreed to Li Wenxuan’s request, and he He promised Han Shuying not to stop her

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