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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 47 Recap

Seeing that the plan failed, He Chutian hurriedly let his teammates throw bombs to cover himself and escape. Others launched a mad suicide attack on Japanese soldiers, and Mutojiv was injured in the attack. He Chutian fled to a corner and met Xie Tianci. He Chutian held Xie Tianci hostage. At this time, He Chutian gave Xie Tianci a fish for the sword, but He Chutian gave Xie Tianci a horse. After He Chutian carelessly treated her wounds, she remembered Xia Shuyuan. Although she let herself and Han Shuying go through a very painful time, all she did was for the country, which made He Chutian admired him so much. Xia Shuyuan paid a military salute.

Soon, He Chutian’s subordinates told Han Shuying that He Chutian had failed in their plans, and Han Shuying was very worried. Xie Tianci went to visit Mr. Muto. When he came downstairs in the hospital, he found that there were already a circle of reporters downstairs. He wanted to drive away these reporters, but was told that these were called by Mr. Muto’s secretary. Faced with many reporters, Mr. Muto’s secretary talked happily and successfully resolved the issue of public opinion.

Soon, major media were competing to publish Muto’s remarks, and He Chutian was very surprised to see this newspaper. He did not expect that Muto was still dead. He Chutian secretly slipped into the hospital by the opportunity of an ambulance to treat the patient, then he sneaked into the ward where Takeo Jifu was, shot several times at the hospital bed, opened the sheet, but found that inside was Xia Shuyuan’s body . It turned out that this was a trap already designed by the Japanese. Soon, Japanese soldiers surrounded He Chutian and cast him into a big prison.

It was only then that Xie Tianci realized that Muto Jif had seen through everything, but he was just a pawn in Muto Jif’s hand. Xie Tianci asked Muto Jifu why he did this, but Muto Jifu did not answer him. Afterwards, Mutojiv sent someone to arrest Han Shuying. In the prison, Han Shuying thought that Xie Tianci deliberately told her false information, and her affection for Xie Tianci fell again. Takeo Takeo found Han Shuying and wanted to discuss a deal with her. Takeo Jifu told Han Shuying that as long as she is willing to marry Xie Tianci, she can let He Chutian go away and disguise this as a peachy incident. Xie Tianci came to visit Han Shuying again. Han Shuying told Xie Tianci that as long as He Chutian could be alive, she was willing to be crushed into pieces, but threatened Xie Tianci immediately.

If she knew that Xie Tianci had cheated her, she would definitely take him Kill it yourself. During the engagement ceremony between Xie Tianci and Han Shuying, someone directed Han Shuying, but Sun Jinbao was angry, and arrested these people in the name of disrupting public order. Xie Ruoxue found Han Shuying and asked her why she was engaged to Xie Tianci. Han Shuying told Ruoxue that he did this for He Chutian. He Chutian saw the newspaper in prison

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