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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 45 Recap

Xie Ruoxue felt that she had no face to meet Han Shuying. She could only secretly ask a child to help her buy a youth group in Han Shuying’s store, trying to comfort herself. Han Weisong wanted to ask Han Shuying to ask his parents about the news, but was stopped by Xie Ruoxue. After returning to Shanghai, Han Weisong quickly started gambling again. At this time, he heard someone next to him selling insurance. His mind moved. Then he returned home and asked Xie Ruoxue to act as an insurance salesman and defraud other people’s money.

For his own money, Xie Ruoxue agreed. At this time, Han Shuying learned from Wenxuan’s letter that both Han Weisong and Xie Ruoxue had lost contact. Han Shuying didn’t care about the past grievances. He still went to visit his sick uncle every day. After all, they are still a family. Han Shuying asked his uncle if he had news of Han Weisong. He wanted to find Han Weisong first, and then use this to find Xie Ruoxue. But her uncle didn’t know where Han Weisong was.

Han Shuying couldn’t help, and went to Sun Jinbao to help him find the whereabouts of the two. Muto Yoshio was very angry when he learned that Xie Tianci and Han Shuying often got into two pairs. The bottom line of his request for Xie Tianci is that he must be with the Japanese, because he believes that this is the only way to wash the Chinese imprint on Xie Tianci. Xie Tianci happened to be in this matter and rarely violated the meaning of Takeo Jifu. He claimed that he would not marry anyone except Han Shuying. His tough attitude satisfied Mr. Muto very much. He promised Xie Tianci that he could continue to be with Han Shuying. Later, Muto Jif asked Xie Tianci to bring Han Shuying to see him.

Ji Xuan was very happy to learn that Han Shuying was invited to Muto Gif’s house. She told Han Shuying to please Muto Gif’s favor, and Han Shuying agreed to her. Han Shuying arrived at Muto Gif’s house, and Muto Gif hid a bullet in the meal to threaten Han Shuying and make her give up Xie Tianci. Seeing that Mr. Muto was so opposed to his interaction with Han Shuying, Xie Tianci had to give up his pursuit of Han Shuying. The sudden change made Ji Xuan caught off guard, she could only let Han Shuying keep in touch with Xie Tianci. Kind Xie Ruoxue was cheated by others and felt uncomfortable, and he was unwilling to continue to help Han Weisong cheat money, and Han Weisong revealed his true face at this time, not only broke Xie Ruoxue’s opium, but also beat and scolded him.

Xie Ruoxue was very wronged, but had to obey Han Weisong to cheat money. However, this time, they met someone they had cheated before, they quickly caught up with Xie Ruoxue, but Han Weisong had already slipped away. Sun Jinbao helped Xie Ruoxue on bail, and at the same time called Han Shuying and told Han Shuying that Xie Ruoxue had been exposed to heavy smoke. Han Shuying is very sad, but pretends that nothing happened and will take Xie Ruoxue Go home. After leaving the police station, Xie Ruoxue felt that she had no face to face many relatives and friends, so she broke away from Han Shuying and escaped. Han Shuying wrote to Li Wenxuan, hoping he could persuade Xie Ruoxue.

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