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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 44 Recap

Ji Xuan told Han Shuying that it was He Chutian’s personal behavior to let her leave Shanghai, and He Chutian violated the organization’s regulations in this matter. Ji Xuan also told Han Shuying that the reason why she detained Xie Jiadong was to keep Han Shuying in Shanghai. Han Shuying learned about the huge obstacles that Mutojiv had to work against Japan, and she promised Ji Xuan to fight with them, but she also made her own request that Xie Jiadong leave Shanghai safely, and Ji Xuan readily agreed. And also promised to help her solve Xie Jiadong’s education funding problems.

Old Luo comforted Li Wenxuan, and Xie Ruoxue always had him in his heart, so he would come back. Li Wenxuan decided to take the students to the camp and change the environment, so as to ease the shadow caused by Xie Ruoxue leaving him and Han Weisong also escaped from his hands. But he didn’t know that at this time Xie Ruoxue was still waiting hard for him at the station, and happened to meet a student who went to buy a ticket.

From that student’s mouth, Xie Ruoxue learned that Li Wenxuan took the initiative to leave the camp, and this and Han Weisong told Xie Ruoxue that the lies coincided, which finally made Xie Ruoxue resolve not to wait for Li Wenxuan to find himself, but to leave with Han Weisong. In the rainy night, Xie Ruoxue was soaked outside, Han Weisong pretended to be kind, he went out first, let Xie Ruoxue change clothes. But outside the door, Han Weisong secretly peeked through the window to peep at Xie Ruoxue. Later, Han Weisong went to the store and asked for a meal.

After he entered the room, Xie Ruoxue suddenly had a stomachache again. Under the confusion of Han Weisong, Xie Ruoxue, who was disappointed with Li Wenxuan, served the opium that Han Weisong gave her. Under the influence of opium, Xie Ruoxue quickly lost consciousness, and Han Weisong, who coveted Xie Ruoxue’s good looks for a long time, was very anxious at this time, taking advantage of Xie Ruoxue’s loss of consciousness, he raped Xie Ruoxue. The next day, when Xie Ruoxue woke up and saw herself and Han Weisong lying naked together, she understood everything in an instant. She was heartbroken, and then slapped Han Weisong angrily and let him go.

With the promise of Ji Xuan, Han Shuying asked Xie Tiandong to come out on the grounds that Xie Jiadong went to study abroad. Later, Han Shuying falsely agreed to Xie Tianci’s pursuit. In order to make her acting more real, she asked Xie Tianci not to be a Japanese. Naturally, she was rejected because Xie Tianci could no longer return to the Chinese. Subsequently, the two agreed to meet in the future. Xie Tianci asked Han Shuying to go to the ballroom and wanted to take her back to dignity in front of He Chutian. Xie Tianci asked He Chutian to apologize to Han Shuying in front of everyone.

He Chutian pretended to be angry, but refused to apologize. Xie Tianci took out his gun against He Chutian’s head and let He Chutian Ji Xuan get out of Shanghai Came to threaten them, in this situation, He Chutian’s clothing softened, he Kneeling in public, apologized to Han Shuying. Xie Tianci’s approach made Han Shuying very disgusted, but for the task, she could only continue to be with Xie Tianci. Xie Ruoxue and Han Weisong returned to Shanghai and rented a house. At this time, Xie Ruoxue was addicted to opium. Using this, Han Weisong firmly controlled her.

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