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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 43 Recap

In order to better ensure the safety of Han Shuying, He Chutian smashed Han Shuying’s youth group in the name of Ji Xuan. He Chutian’s behavior makes Han Shuying’s possibility of leaving Shanghai very high. Ji Xuan’s plan to use Han Shuying’s approach to Muto Jif will fail. Ji Xuan was very angry and wanted to punish He Chutian. He Chutian told her that he would make up for the mistakes he made by killing Mutojiv. Han Shuying saw He Chutian go back and forth in person and was very disappointed. She shut herself in the house without eating or drinking.

Everyone who knew her like Sun Jinbao came to persuade her, to no avail. Han Shuying finally found out that He Chutian had bought a ticket for Hangzhou for her. Only then did she understand He Chutian’s intentions. The following day, the newspapers clamored that Han Shuying was making a mess. In order not to let this matter affect Han Shuying’s reputation as much as possible, Xie Jiadong bought most of the newspapers on the street, and then tore them up and burned them. Han Shuying decided to leave Shanghai that night, go to Hangzhou first, and then go south. Xie Jiadong didn’t want to see Han Shuying walk away like this. He wanted to take revenge on He Chutian who bullied Han Shuying, but was stopped by Han Shuying. After leaving the bathroom above Xie Jiadong, he took scissors to assassinate He Chutian, but only stabbed He Chutian’s arm.

He Chutian and Ji Xuan sang a red face and a white face in the Criminal Police Team, and gently exposed this matter, leaving no place for suspicion to outsiders. Sun Jinbao called on He Chutian to take a step to speak, and then punched him in the face, because he was also very dissatisfied with He Chutian’s approach. After Xie Jiadong’s assassination of He Chutian, Han Shuying’s plan to leave Shanghai had to be postponed. Han Weisong stole the pure copper that the comrades had worked so hard to pretend to be a gold bar to trade with the folks.

Later, Han Weisong hid the cheated money underground in the vegetable garden. Taking the opportunity of Xie Ruoxue and Li Wenxuan to make up for the wedding again, Han Weisong took the initiative to request a shift with the comrades on duty at night, planning to steal something. Han Weisong’s wishful thinking fell through. His sound was heard by the patrolling uncle, and then several comrades swarmed up and caught him. Everyone was surprised to see that the thief turned out to be Han Weisong, because Han Weisong’s performance was usually very aggressive.

Han Weisong secretly ran away while the guards were lax. On the second day of the wedding, Li Wenxuan found that Xie Ruoxue was gone. It turned out that Xie Ruoxue realized that he and Li Wenxuan were not the same person, so he left Li Wenxuan to release Wenxuan from his shackles. However, her disappearance at the same time as Han Weisong made people doubt her, and Li Wenxuan decided to take a few days off to find Ruoxue to prove her innocence. Li Wenxuan did not find Xie Ruoxue, but found Han Weisong. Han Weisong told Li Wenxuan that Xie Ruoxue had already gone to Shanghai, but in fact Xie Ruoxue and Han Weisong made an appointment to go together, taking advantage of Li Wenxuan’s disappointment, Han Weisong hit Li Wenxuan, and then fled.

After finding Xie Ruoxue, Han Weisong deceived Xie Ruoxue again, saying that Li Wenxuan had abandoned him. Once the plan was postponed, great changes took place. A few days later, Ji Xuan found Han Shuying and asked her if she wanted to work for the anti-Japanese war. Han Shuying readily agreed. Ji Xuan asked Han Shuying to approach Xie Tianci as a girlfriend and took the opportunity to listen to the information.

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