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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 40 Recap

The hard life on the side of the Communist Party quickly made Han Weisong hard to eat, and Xie Ruoxue scared him that life in the base area was more difficult. Han Weisong gradually retreated, and he decided to secretly take the train and walk away. During the night, Han Weisong took advantage of Xie Ruoxue’s deep sleep and secretly went to steal Xie Ruoxue’s wallet, and then ran all the way to the train station. After arriving at the train station, Han Weisong opened his wallet, but found that there were stones in the wallet. It turned out that Xie Ruoxue had long guessed that Han Weisong would come to steal his money, so he secretly dropped his wallet.

Han Weisong decided to pick the train away, but because of his lack of agility, he fell off the car and fell to the ground. The staff at the station found Han Weisong lying on the ground. Soon, people discovered that Han Weisong was missing, and Xie Ruoxue wanted to take this opportunity to expose his true face to everyone. At this time, the people at the train station sent Han Weisong back. Han Weisong lied that he went to the train to get some food for everyone. The female leader who was fascinated by him quickly believed the lie he had forgotten and forgot that Xie Ruoxue said that Han Weisong wanted to escape.

Taking advantage of the fall, Han Weisong obtained the right to sit on a stretcher. In the middle of the night, Xie Ruoxue’s team encountered a pack of wolves. In a panic, Xie Ruoxue fell down the cliff. After the wolves passed, the team finally merged with the big army. Li Wenxuan heard that Xie Ruoxue was missing and took someone to find her overnight. After everyone’s efforts, Xie Ruoxue was finally rescued from under the cliff. Xie Ruoxue wanted to live with Li Wenxuan, and Li Wenxuan temporarily rejected Xie Ruoxue as a student. Xie Ruoxue wrote a letter to Han Shuying and told her about her current situation.

When Han Shuying read the letter, Sun Jinbao came to tell her that the boss of the devil’s cave that had killed Xiaokun was found dead in a Japanese apartment. Shuying was very pleased to hear about this, and she became very worried when she learned that the murderer was harvesting eight months pregnant. She asked Sun Jinbao to save the harvest, but Sun Jinbao was powerless. Xie Tianci went to find Muto Gif. Muto Giff took him to see his work place.

After that, Xie Tianci invited Muto Gif to a banquet, and Muto Gif readily agreed. Han Shuying asked Xie Tianci to save the harvest. After some inquiries, Xie Tianci was helpless. After all, he had formed a hatred with the military in order to save Han Shuying. He told Han Shuying that maybe He Chutian could help her. Due to changes in Japanese policy, He Chutian’s backer Chen village had to withdraw from politics, which made their situation very dangerous. Moreover, their current task has also changed from gathering intelligence to killing Mutojiv. When Han Shuying found He Chutian, He Chutian and Ji Xuan were planning to assassinate Muto Jif. For the overall situation, He Chutian rejected Han Shuying’s request. In order to be able to impress He Chutian, Han Shuying knelt down and begged him for help.

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