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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 4 Recap

At the wedding banquet, Xie Bingyan asked Xie Tianci to pour himself a glass of wine. Xie Tianci’s long-awaited opportunity finally arrived. He secretly put a pill into the wine, but Xie Bingyan asked him to drink this glass instead of himself. Xie Tianci did not The only way was to raise the wine glass obediently, but when he was about to drink the glass, Xie Bingyan stopped him. It turned out that Xie Bingyan was testing him. After drinking, Xie Bingyan returned to the cave. After drunk, he recognized Han Shuying as his dead wife. Han Shuying told him that no one in the world could replace anyone, and asked him to let himself go, but Xie Bingyan did not agree.

The medicine given by Xie Tian to Xie Bingyan played a role at this time, and Xie Bingyan lay down on the bed unconsciously. The time to escape finally arrived, Han Shuying wiped out all the valuables such as jewelry on his body, and took away only two clothes. In contrast, Xie Tianci opened the Xie family safe and stole a lot Gold and silver. The two went to the back door together, but Xie Tianci took out the key but couldn’t open it. At this time, a large number of family members came and surrounded them. It turned out that Xie Bingyan didn’t actually fall asleep.

He had already expected that Xie Tianci wanted them to escape, so he changed the back door lock. Xie Bingyan made a pan of oil. In the Xie’s lobby, Xie Tianci kept begging for mercy, and Han Shuying was fighting for his reason. At this time, the oil in the pan was boiling. Xie Bingyan first let someone pour a spoonful of oil in Xie Tianci’s hand to determine the temperature of the oil Then he asked Jia Ding to push Xie Tianci and Han Shuying into the pan. Xie Ruoxue couldn’t stand it at this time and came forward to plead for them. Xie Bingyan finally agreed that as long as Han Shuying would beg for mercy, he let them go. After Han Shuying asked for mercy, Xie Bingyan told them that he would let them go, not because Han Shuying begged for mercy, but because Han Shuying took nothing but a few clothes. Xie Bingyan decided to let Xie Tianci and Han Shuying suffer fifty lashes, and then let them die on their own. At this time, a servant ran outside the door.

He told Xie’s family that the coal mine was occupied by the Japanese army. Xie Bingyan decided to go to the mine and saw that he was surrounded by the Japanese as soon as he went out. The Japanese escorted Xie’s family to the mine. on. Han Shuying and Xie Tianci were escorted to the firehouse, Xie Tianci wanted to escape, but Han Shuying was reluctant to leave because she thought this was due to Xie’s family. At this time, a servant of Xie’s family came to let it go After they turned out, Xie Bingyan had already instructed them to let them go. On the way of the Japanese escorting Xie’s family, Xie Bingyan pushed Xie Ruoxue out of the chaos.

At the mine, Xie Bingyan was still reluctant to cooperate with the Japanese. The Japanese told him that a Japanese had died before, holding a jade pendant in his hand. Xie Bingyan realized that there was no adultery between Han Shuying and Xie Tianci. , They jointly killed a Japanese. The Japanese killed Xie Bingyan The Japanese brutally killed Xie Bingyan for the reason of the famous Japanese. The Japanese told Niu Er that if he wanted to save Xie Jiadong’s life, he would exchange the mine deed. Niu Er returned to Xie Zhai and told the bad news that Xie Ruoxue Xie Bingyan had been killed. Xie Ruoxue couldn’t take the blow and collapsed on the street. On the way of Han Shuying and Xie Tianci’s escape, Han Shuying learned that Xie Tianci had stolen Xie’s mining contract.

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