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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 39 Recap

With his exquisite communication skills, Han Weisong quickly fought fiercely with everyone on the ship. Han Weisong also threatened Xie Ruoxue’s success on the grounds that Xie Ruoxue’s bad background would affect the future of Li Wenxuan, and would not let Xie Ruoxue expose his old background to others. Han Weisong, who is used to living a respectable life, could not adapt to the hard revolutionary life of the Communist Party. In order to get better treatment, he wrote a resume, which greatly beautified his past life, and even beautified his wounds by Xie Ruoxue. He was hacked by Japanese gangsters to save female students. With this gold-plated qualification, he was successfully accepted by the person in charge of the Communist Party.

Han Shuying asked her aunt and uncle and told them that Han Weisong had gone to the northern Jiangsu base. Her aunt naturally complained again. In order to get Han Shuying’s share, Han Shuying’s aunt is already desperate and mad. She inquired that if Han Shuying had an accident, her legacy should be inherited by her uncle, which made her even more determined. Shot against Han Shuying. She hired someone to let him go to Han Shuying’s youth club to secretly poison Han Rongying’s ravioli. However, when Han Shuying wanted to eat the bowl of ravioli, her uncle came suddenly. During her conversation with her uncle, she told her uncle that if Xie Tianci endangered their lives, she would not sit idly by. The words moved her uncle very much, and then Han Shuying invited his uncle to eat ravioli.

Her uncle knew that the ravioli was poisonous, but he still ate the bowl of ravioli. After that, he did not let Han Shuying take him to the hospital. Instead, he warned Han Shuying that her aunt would fall to the ground after she started to fight her. . Han Shuying finally sent his uncle to the hospital. After the rescue, he was safe and sound. The Japanese in charge of building the water base were reluctant to continue to wait for Xie Tianci to acquire the pier, so he took soldiers into Han Shuying’s house. In order to protect Han Shuying, Xie Tianci brought her “invited” in advance and explained the pros and cons of the matter. Xie Tianci asked Han Shuying to consider whether to give up the shares.

Xie Tianci went to He Chutian again. After the two met, they were sneered at first, and then they entered the topic of the conversation. Xie Tianci hoped that He Chutian could persuade Han Shuying to give up the shares, but He Chutian did not agree. After Xie Tianci left, He Chutian changed a whole person. After discussing with Ji Xuan for a long time, he decided to help Han Shuying. He found a German and asked him to buy Han Shuying’s shares in the shipping company. The major missteps in the shipping incident made Xie Tianci’s father begin to have doubts about Xie Tianci, and he decided to send Xie Tianci back to Japan. Aunt Han Shuying’s uncle and aunt were also intimidated by the Japanese for two days. After they were released, their house has been occupied by loan sharks.

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