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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 37 Recap

Han Shuying rushed to the pawn shop and hurriedly sent Xie Ruoxue to the hospital. On the way, Xie Ruoxue thought that she was about to die soon, she told Han Shuying, in fact, she already hated Han Shuying long ago, but she couldn’t let her down, and she never told Han Shuying. After rescue, Xie Ruoxue was out of danger. After Xie Ruoxue was injured, Han Shuying moved back to the small building. The grandmother’s son was broken by the Japanese, so she took her son to the countryside to recuperate and the Qingtuan shop was handed over to Han Shuying.

Xie Ruoxue wanted to sell youth groups with Han Shuying, but Han Shuying didn’t want Xie Ruoxue to follow his own sun and suffering. At this time, the person in charge of a film company invited Xie Ruoxue to make a movie. After thinking for a long time, Xie Ruoxue decided to agree to his invitation for a high remuneration. Han Shuying was worried that she would encounter bad guys, but Xie Ruoxue said that even if he didn’t enter the movie circle, bad guys were everywhere. Xie Ruoxue agreed to ask Han Shuying to discuss everything with her before she agreed to let her make a movie.

Xie Ruoxue was arranged to play a florist. This florist has almost the same experience as Xie Ruoxue. Due to the high degree of experience, Xie Ruoxue scored this female florist into three points. After shooting a scene, she met Han Weisong. Han Shuying received a call from her aunt saying that her uncle was seriously ill, and Han Shuying hurriedly went to see her uncle. Her aunt told her that her uncle’s illness was liver necrosis, which could only be saved by surgery, but the operation cost was extremely high. Under this pretext, she asked Han Shuying to give them the shares of the shipping company.

Afterwards, they sold the shipping company to the Japanese, and it was Xie Tianci who handled the acquisition of their shipping company. Looking at Han Shuying’s face, Xie Tianci gave them 20,000 yuan more when he bought the shipping company. Han Weisong’s girlfriend threatened him that if she was not given 10,000 yuan in 24 hours, she would cut him off. Han Weisong returned home and happened to hear that his mother said that she had earned an extra 20,000 yuan. He asked his father to borrow money but did not get consent. In the middle of the night, he secretly stole Han Shuying’s statement that he abandoned the ship’s assets and sold it to a loan shark at a price of 12,000.

Han Weisong told Xie Ruoxue that his father was actually very healthy, and the smart Xie Ruoxue quickly guessed the truth. Hurrying to inform Han Shuying, Han Shuying hurriedly ran to stop Xie Tianci from signing the contract, Xie Tianci naturally disagreed, Han Shuying scolded Xie Tianci. Xie Tianci was very anxious, afraid that other Japanese would harm Han Shuying, so he had to send Han Shuying out to his men. The loan sharks asked Han Shuying’s aunt Han Shuying to exchange the house’s statement of giving up the ship’s assets. In the middle of the night, Aunt Han Shuying’s house suddenly caught fire. When they were in a hurry to rescue the fire, Han Shuying found the statement,

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