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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 34 Recap

After careful treatment by doctors, Xie Jiadong finally recovered his health, and also restored his previous memories. When Xie Jiadong saw Han Shuying, he was so scared that he shouted that Han Shuying had killed his father, Xie Bingyan, because Han Shuying had harmed their family. Tong Yan was unscrupulous. Xie Ruoxue naturally believed in her younger brother Xie Jiadong. She mistakenly thought that what Jiadong was talking about was the truth of the year. She slaps Han Shuying and asked why she deceived herself. Xie Ruoxue was unwilling to live with the person who killed her father.

She decided to move out. After she packed her luggage, she found that Han Shuying also packed her luggage and wanted to go out. Han Shuying said that he had brought the younger brother of the Xie family to Shanghai out of guilt, but everything he did later was really out of affection. Xie Ruoxue asked her, since it was not out of guilt, why did she sell her house and save her, why did she give up Li Wenxuan, Han Shuying was speechless. He Chutian and Ji Xuan were called to the Gendarmerie. Halfway along, the two pretended to be arguing, and when they arrived at the Gendarmerie, while waiting for the Japanese, Ji Xuan persuaded He Chutian to tell the Japanese what he said. He Chutian pretended to be very impatient.

After the Japanese soldiers arrived, He Chutian gave a reasonable explanation for his interaction with Huzi, claiming that Tiger was chasing and killing himself, and begging Japanese soldiers to protect himself. Han Shuying secretly helped Xie Ruoxue pay three-quarters of the medical expenses, and told the doctor not to tell Xie Ruoxue. When she returned to where she stayed temporarily, an alcoholic mistakenly thought she was a prostitute.

In a critical moment, Xie Tianci appeared in time to drive away the drunkard. Han Shuying did not thank Xie Tianci for this, instead he scolded Xie Tianci and drove him away. After Xie Tianci went downstairs, he quietly helped Han Shuying to drive away all the people around him. After Xie Jiadong came out of the hospital, he remembered that Han Shuying took care of himself for so long, and slowly forgiven her. Jiadong ran to the room before Han Shuying and turned to Han Shuying with himself and Xie Ruoxue. At this time, Xie Ruoxue found him and forced Jiadong to stop coming to this room in the future. Xie Ruoxue asked Han Shuying to talk once in the heart. Han Shuying told Xie Ruoxue that he didn’t tell them the fact that he didn’t want to say it, but Niu Er told her to keep her secret.

Xie Ruoxue didn’t believe her, she said everyone should pay for the mistakes she made, and then she pushed Han Shuying down the cliff. At night, Xie Ruoxue recalled everything Han Shuying had done for her, and finally realized that Han Shuying had long regarded her as a relative. Xie Ruoxue hurriedly ran out in the rain, found Sun Jinbao, and asked him to rescue Han Shuying.

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