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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 31 Recap

The fierce Japanese soldier pulled the trigger, Wang Jianan blocked two bullets for Li Wenxuan, and Li Wenxuan was also hit in the arm. The heartbroken Li Wenxuan took advantage of a Japanese soldier and grabbed his knife, and then with the superb melee skills, killed the three Japanese soldiers one by one. Afterwards, he rushed to Wang Jianan. The dying Wang Jianan indicated to Li Wenxuan that he liked Li Wenxuan’s mind before he died, and then he died forever. Li Wenxuan went to Zhao Hanqing, only to find that he was already empty.

Li Wenxuan realized that he and his students were probably killed by Zhao Hanqing. He called Han Shuying and asked Han Shuying to bring some medicine to himself, but they were heard by Xie Ruoxue passing by. Han Shuying couldn’t help Xie Ruoxue’s bitter pleading, and promised to take her to deliver the medicine to Li Wenxuan. After going out, Han Shuying excused to forget to take the gold sore medicine and let Xie Ruoxue go back to take it. After opening Xie Ruoxue, Han Shuying hurried to Li Wenxuan’s hiding place. Han Shuying learned of the painful fact that the acting team was almost wiped out by the whole army, and asked Li Wenxuan’s next plan.

Li Wenxuan told her that she was going to leave Shanghai with a coal train. Han Shuying hurriedly collected some money, and then sent Li Wenxuan to the railway. Li Wenxuan asked Han Shuying to take care of Xie’s sister, Han Shuying readily agreed. After returning home, Han Shuying originally told Xie Ruoxue the truth of the matter. Xie Ruoxue knew that Li Wenxuan was now desperate and wanted to escape Shanghai with him. Han Shuying refused Xie Ruoxue’s request on the grounds that Xie Ruoxue went to no avail. Japanese soldiers knew that Han Shuying’s family had a good relationship with Li Wenxuan. When they came to Han Shuying’s house to search for Li Wenxuan, they found nothing.

Han Shuying took out the divorce certificates of Xie Ruoxue and Li Wenxuan to ensure Xie Ruoxue’s safety. After the Japanese left, Xie Ruoxue asked why Han Shuying had gone through the divorce procedure on her back, and Han Shuying was speechless because she herself felt that the reasons for doing so were not sufficient. The harvest saw He Chutian pretending to be very close to the Japanese, and she hurriedly told Huzi of the news. When he played mahjong with his colleagues, He Chutian was told that there were often unidentified ships leaving the port, but don’t control it, otherwise it would catch fire. He Chutian asked his colleague to help himself refer to Takeda Jifu, and his colleague readily agreed. After finishing things, He Chutian returned home happily, and saw the long-lost tiger as soon as he arrived home. Hu Zi didn’t have the intimacy of the past.

He held a gun against He Chutian’s head and asked him why he wanted to turn to the Japanese. He Chutian held Hu Zi backhand and told him that if he still wanted to believe in himself, he would wait for him at the place where the two of the riverside often drink together. By the Huangpu River, He Chutian explained to Hu Zi Knowing everything he did, Huzi believed him and asked him to help him get some bullets. He Chutian readily agreed.

The men of the Gendarmerie asked Han Shuying and Xie Ruoxue to claim the body of Li Wenxuan and came to the door of the Gendarmerie. Sun Jinbao gave Han Shuying a glance. Han Shuying understood what he meant and pretended to hate him very much. Xie Ruoxue’s appearance reprimanded her. Sun Jinbao stepped forward and secretly stunned Xie Ruoxue with a handkerchief, so Xie Ruoxue was carried back, and only Han Shuying identified the body.

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