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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 30 Recap

Ji Xuan told Xie Ruoxue that he could give her a sum of money. Xie Ruoxue and Han Shuying stay away from themselves and He Chutian. Xie Ruoxue didn’t know how to answer for a moment. At this time, Han Shuying came out and said that money is the most worthless thing in the world, and generously agreed to Ji Xuan’s request. Then, Han Shuying left He Chutian’s card and He mother’s card to He Chutian. He Chutian saw their figure away, holding the card in pain and fell on the sofa. After Han Shuying returned home, the little tailor brought out two new clothes and told her that this was the clothes that old Jack had left for her to marry after the war, but now He Chutian was a traitor, so he gave the clothes to Han Shu Ying let her handle it herself.

Han Shuying inadvertently saw the news that the newspaper reported that Renqing University will give a speech at the celebration of Wednesday, and quickly guessed that Li Wenxuan they might assassinate Fu Qinghai that day. At the same time, the students of Liren University, under the encouragement of Zhao Hanqing, had already put aside their life and death, and accepted the suggestion to sew the poison in the clothing corner. That night, before the students said goodbye to their closest relatives, and before their lives, Yangguang and Yuemei finally came together.

On the second day, the school celebration was proceeding as scheduled, and while it was time to clean up the venue, the students understood the environment of the school celebration site. Taking advantage of the opportunity to provide sound reinforcement equipment, the crowd sent the guns into the auditorium. During the period, the soldiers in the field asked to search the equipment, thanks to the director of the training to help them out. At the beginning of the school celebration, Fu Qinghai preached his surrenderist remarks on the stage. Li Wenxuan secretly pressed a button under the stage to turn off the loudspeaker.

Then he approached Fu Qinghai on the basis of checking the line, but Due to the slow movement, Fu Qinghai’s bodyguard found signs. Li Wenxuan found that the momentum was not right and shot hurriedly, hitting Fu Qinghai’s shoulder. After the assassination failed, Li Wenxuan and others ran away in the chaos and happened to meet Sun Jinbao who was performing the task. Sun Jinbao released him and led the other policemen in the opposite direction. Sun Jinbao’s strategy did not play a big role, and soon, Li Wenxuan and others were caught up. They started a gun battle with the people of the pseudo-government. Xiaowu was shot in the leg and looked at the poison on the corner of the clothes. After all, he still had no courage to swallow and was captured by the pseudo-army.

Others fled under Zhao Khanqing’s response. Li Wenxuan wanted to turn around to save Xiaowu, but was stopped by Zhao Khanqing. After the mission failed, Li Wenxuan and others were ordered to hand over the guns. Sunshine worried that Xiao Wu could not find the meeting place if he escaped, and concealed from the organization that he had told Xiao Wu about the meeting place. He believed that Xiao Wu would not reveal information about them even if he was caught.

After Wu Wu was arrested, he did not withstand the intimidation of the enemy. He informed the Japanese army of their meeting place. In the evening, the ships that came to meet them saw I immediately turned around and left. In the case of no one responding, the acting team suffered heavy casualties, and the two Li Wenxuan were also surrounded by Japanese soldiers.

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