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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 24 Recap

The editor-in-chief of Xia pawned the antiques he had collected for a long time in the pawnshop and received a large sum of money. That night, the staff of the newspaper office arranged the model of the newspaper the next day and sent it to Ono for inspection. Ono checked and left the newspaper office after checking. After Ono left, the editor-in-chief of Xia found the staff of the newspaper who was still working overtime and asked them to change the front page headlines of the newspaper to the news that the Japanese wanted to secretly transport the arrested students away as miners.

As a condition for repayment, Xia Editor promised to help those staff members leave Shanghai, and gave them a sum of cash sufficient to repurchase their family business. After all, they are Chinese compatriots, and the staff members finally agreed to the plan after hesitation. The next day, people all over Shanghai knew about the Japanese conspiracy, and the whole public opinion was in an uproar. People from all walks of life in Shanghai organized the march spontaneously, shouting the slogan “Return my students and disclose the facts.” Han Shuying and Xie Ruoxue also joined the march. Here, the Japanese tricked the students into getting on the bus, and Li Wenxuan encouraged the students that the Japanese would never get on the bus without telling them their destination.

The Japanese soon saw that Li Wenxuan was the leader of the students, so they took Li Wenxuan out alone and severely tortured him. The students immediately started to commotion, the Japanese fired warning shots, and quickly quelled the students’ commotion. At this time, the newspapers of the day were delivered to the hands of Japanese military officers. Under the pressure of public opinion, they had to release Li Wenxuan and many students. Li Wenxuan, Han Shuying and Xie Ruoxue walked happily on the way home, but were stopped by Xie Tianci halfway. Xie Tianci warned Li Wenxuan to stay away from Han Shuying and Xie Ruoxue, otherwise he would kill them sooner or later. .

Xie Tianci’s father told other Japanese officers that Shanghai is different from Nanjing, and Shanghai should be kept as prosperous as possible. Therefore, it is inconvenient for the Japanese to directly block the newspapers, but assassinations can be used to solve those who oppose them. The acting team accepted the invitation of Realan University and went to perform patriotic drama. On the way to Liren University, Li Wenxuan was followed, and Li Wenxuan quickly rushed to Liren University to discuss the countermeasures with Teacher Wang. He remembered Xie Tianci’s advice to himself and decided to go to school to avoid Xie Ruoxue was tired.

Xie Ruoxue was very sad when she left home. Han Shuying encouraged Xie Ruoxue. She soon got up and decided to go to Liren School to find Li Wenxuan. During the dinner, Xia editor-in-chief and students discussed the current situation and future of China. After eating, Xie Ruoxue sent Xia editor-in-chief to go out, who expected that as soon as he went out, Xia editor-in-chief was shot by the Japanese. The bad news of Xia editor-in-chief’s murder quickly reached the newspaper office, and Ono slapped him because he was shot unevenly by doing business with the gang.

The honest and patriotic editor-in-chief Xia was killed, and Han Shuying could no longer tolerate this environment in the newspaper, and submitted a resignation letter. Thanks to Han Shu Led by Ying, everyone in the newspaper submitted a resignation letter. Xie Tianci advised Han Shuying to stay away from danger as much as possible, because of his limited ability, he was not able to save Han Shuying every time. Han Shuying said angrily that it was not that he did not want to stay away from danger, but that the Japanese brought danger and could not hide from it. In the summer of the following year, Han Shuying decided to set up a primary school nearby, which received strong support from everyone. At this time, news came that several newly moved Japanese children bullied their family.

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