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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 22 Recap

After many twists and turns, Han Shuying finally successfully returned He Chutian’s mother and He Chutian’s relics to his hometown. Because Han Shuying and He Chutian did not formally offer a ceremony, nor did they officially hold the wedding, the people in He Chutian’s family did not recognize her as He Chutian’s wife. According to the custom of He Chutian’s hometown, people who were not married at the time of death should find a dead woman to hold a nuptial marriage, which means that He Chutian’s official wife will not be Han Shuying. Han Shuying, who already regarded He Chutian as a lover, couldn’t accept this. She found He Chutian’s elders and asked them why He Chutian was clearly deserving of her husband’s marriage.

In the end, other parents of He Chutian agreed to be buried before He Chutian was buried. , Let Han Shuying marry him. At this time, Mother Mo worried about Han Shuying’s crimes and raised objections, but Han Shuying insisted on marrying He Chutian, and eventually Mother Ho had to agree. Han Shuying has been through for more than ten days. Xie Tianci couldn’t help but send his own hands down to pick up his brother in the old Jack’s villa. Old Jack came out to preach justice and prevented them from taking Xie’s sister and brother. They even threatened Old Jack with a gun. In order to keep others safe, Xie Ruoxue decided to follow them.

After Xie Ruoxue was taken to a room, Xie Tianci’s men also put them under house arrest. These people put a table of meals for Xie Ruoxue’s younger brother. Xie Ruoxue filled the stomach first no matter what the other party’s conspiracy was, and found that there were only some leftovers on the table. Xie Tianci said that this was to give back to Xie’s family. This is what I eat at Xie’s house. Xie Tianci finally exposed his dissatisfaction with the Xie family, and Xie Ruoxue struggled to refute his remarks. Xie Tianci took off his gloves, revealing the scarred hand. This hand made him resentful of Xie’s family. He decided to use his own way to cure his own body, and he prepared a pot of boiling oil. .

At a critical moment, Xie Jiadong finally recovered his ability to speak. He cried and let Xie Tianci stop, and Xie Tianci gave up the idea of ​​revenge. Mother Ho’s condition is getting worse, and she can only breathe out. Han Shuying concealed in good faith, and Mother naturally knew her own body that she had no attachment to the world. So, while Han Shuying was taking medicine, she chose to hang herself. On the way back to Shanghai, Han Shuying’s people were met by the Japanese. In the end, only Han Shuying survived, and she was in pain. Old Jack patiently comforted Han Shuying before she came out of the shadow of failure.

In order to thank Xie’s sister and brother, Han Shuying went to see Xie Tianci, and she knew that Xie Tianci was Japanese. After receiving Xie Ruoxue, Han Shuying returned to the newspaper and found that the newspaper had been controlled by the Japanese. Here, Xie Ruoxue also found the school where Li Wenxuan was in a mess. Li Wenxuan was likely to be captured by the Japanese, Han Shuying

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