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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 21 Recap

The Japanese troops stationed in Shanghai, and Huzi living in the old Jack’s house is bound to put everyone in the building in danger. Everyone else does not care about this danger, but Aunt Xu is not willing to take risks for the anti-Japanese soldiers, under the banner of the safety of everyone in the building, she wants Huzi to move out. Old Jack said that as long as no one spoke, no one would know that Hu Zi was a soldier. The wounds on his body could also be explained by the injuries sustained by the bombing. Eventually, when everyone else agreed that Hu Zi would live, Xu Aunt is not good to continue to catch people.

In retaliation, the Japanese soldiers caught adult men who were injured or had rough palms everywhere. The Aunt Xu’s family wanted to escape and was caught by Xie Ruoxue. Xie Ruoxue was worried that they would go back to inform, so they stopped them, and Han Shuying came to help Aunt Xu and let them go. The little tailor who returned from escape told everyone that the Japanese army blocked the city and searched for soldiers. Huzi learned that the Japanese soldiers’ judgments were mainly based on hands. In order not to disturb everyone, Huzi was cruel and put his hands on the kettle to burn, so as to cover up the calluses on his hands.

After the Japanese entered the house, they immediately controlled the tiger. Old Jack wanted to reason with the Japanese and was slapped by the unreasonable Japanese soldiers. Old Jack rose up against the atrocities of the Japanese soldiers, and the Japanese soldiers decided to capture everyone in the villa. At this time, Xie Tianci, who had turned to the Japanese, assured everyone that everything was okay, and the Japanese army released the people in this room. Xie Ruoxue was very dissatisfied with Xie Tianci’s practice as a traitor, and also very confused.

Not only did Huzi not touch Aunt Xu for the self-mutilation of the people in the building, but she tried to drive away Huzi again because of her involvement. For the safety of others, Huzi agreed to leave here. Aunt Xu pretended to pay a little money for Huzi to use on the road, and the harvest refused. Fengshou decided to go on the road with Huzi. She also had the consciousness of dying with Huzi. After seeing her badly, Huzi stopped the harvest and decided to carry a gun and continue to kill the devil. The Japanese escorted the captives into the car. A captive suddenly broke out and hijacked a Japanese army. Xie Tianci’s father took out his pistol and signaled that Xie Tianci killed the captive. Xie Tianci fired three shots and brutally killed him.

All of this was seen by the sister Han Shuying in the dark. Mother He and Old Jack were seriously ill. Mother He wanted to take He Chutian’s relics back to her hometown and tell her ancestors that He Chutian did not embarrass He. To help He Chutian’s mother successfully return He Chutian’s relics to his hometown, Han Shuying decided to take the waterway. She went to the Black Buddha for help. The Black Buddha was very happy to learn that she would send the relics of the anti-Japanese heroes back to her hometown. When Han Shuying was about to board the ship and left Shanghai, Xie Tianci came to the pier. Xie Tianci wanted to stay with Han Shuying. Han Shuying threatened to kill the Japanese together. Xie Tianci. She did not know that this matter had no threat to Xie Tianci now, but Xie Tianci still let her go, but threatened Han Shuying with the safety of Xie’s sister and brother, and would return after she left.

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