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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 20 Recap

Li Wenxuan learned from the officer who received him that He Chutian’s combat area was nearby and made a request to meet He Chutian. At this time, He Chutian’s troops repelled the Japanese soldiers’ offensives again and again, but received the superior’s retreat order. He Chutian was not reconciled, but the duty of the soldiers was to obey orders and listen to orders, and had to evacuate. Seeing that Hu Zi was unwilling to retreat, He Chutian warned him that his arm would be destroyed if he did not retreat, and ordered Hu Zi to retreat.

Facing a cruel war, He Chutian entrusted the cross to Li Wenxuan, asked him to return the cross to Han Shuying, and told him to tell Han Shuying that he might live up to her good intentions, because he had already done a good job of killing himself ready. Li Wenxuan rejected He Chutian’s request, because he hoped that Han Shuying could have a good home and find a man who really treated her well, and He Chutian was just such a person. Li Wenxuan told He Chutian that he has always been a real hero in his mind. When Li Wenxuan returned home, he did not tell He Shutian and He Chutian’s mother about his situation; in the face of the bumper harvest, Li Wenxuan concealed Hu Zi’s injury in good faith.

In the evening, when Li Wenxuan and Xie Ruoxue were alone, they revealed the real status quo of He Chutian and Hu Zi, but unexpectedly they were heard by Feng who happened to pass by. The next day, Han Shuying discovered that the bumper harvest was gone. At this time, the Japanese bombing came again. From the small tailor’s mouth, everyone learned that the Japanese had entered and landed from Jinshanwei. On the front line of the Anti-Japanese War, He Chutian once again received an order to retreat from his superiors, but this time he did not intend to retreat honestly according to the order. He decided to fight until the last moment. The other soldiers were moved by him, and they all gave up the idea of ​​retreating. Stay on the front line together. The enemy quickly rushed up, and He Chutian and the soldiers martyred the country. Han Shuying waited anxiously for the front-line battle report.

They learned that the Jinshan Guards suffered heavy casualties, and the Japanese army was also blocked by An Guolu’s troops from Anqing Road. The battalion leader of this battalion was He Chutian. After retreating the Japanese army for seven attacks, the Japanese army had a heavy firepower advantage, and eventually He Chutian and his subordinates were killed in battle. When the bad news came, He Chutian’s mother fainted on the sofa. Han Shuying decided to take He Chutian’s body back, and Li Wenxuan decided to go with her. In the mess on the battlefield, in the end, they could not find He Chutian’s body, only his officer hat and Han Shuying sent him the cross.

Faced with a heavy blow, Han Shuying, who had always been strong, was finally unable to stay strong. It is gratifying that the harvest finally returned with Huzi. The original harvest desperately rushed to the front line and pulled the tiger back. Huzi couldn’t wake up with a high fever, and kept talking about beating a devil. Old Jack invited a doctor and gave Huzi a hand without anesthesia.

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