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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 19 Recap

Although he married Xie Ruoxue, Li Wenxuan did not touch Xie Ruoxue, which made Xie Ruoxue very sad. She blamed it on Han Shuying. She thinks this is because Li Wenxuan still has thoughts about Han Shuying. With this in mind, Xie Ruoxue forced Han Shuying to marry He Chutian as soon as possible in order to be intimate with Li Wenxuan as soon as possible. Han Shuying is naturally impossible for people to casually control her lifelong events. Xie Ruoxue threatens Han Shuying to commit suicide in order to make Han Shuying succumb. Xie Ruoxue took out the knife rack and cut it on his wrist, but unexpectedly this action stimulated Xie Jiadong again, scared and pale, and ran out.

Xie Ruoxue arbitrarily pushed the responsibility to Han Shuying. She thought it was because Han Shuying was reluctant to listen to her own words that caused Xie Jiadong’s condition to relapse. Anxious to find Xie Jiadong’s Han Shuying disdain to argue with her, Xie Ruoxue also ran Go out to find my brother. The two went out separately to find Xie Jiadong. When Han Shuying asked passers-by about Xie Jiadong’s whereabouts, several helicopters flew over and launched a bombardment on Shanghai. During the bursts of fire, Han Shuying finally found Xie Jiadong, but the state of the family building was very worrying at this time. The bombing kept his fragile nerves overwhelmed, and Han Shuying hurriedly took the family building into the bomb shelter. And Xie Jiadong was handed over to old Jack to watch, and he ran out to find Xie Ruoxue again.

In the end, Han Shuying found Xie Ruoxue in a place where his body was placed. At this time, Xie Ruoxue had passed out and was put in a morgue. Han Shuying refused to give up. After rescue by Han Shuying, Xie Ruoxue survived. After experiencing life and death, Xie Ruoxue put down all his resentment against Han Shuying and hugged Han Shuying and wept bitterly. The Japanese invaders bombed Shanghai, and the National Government was forced to resist by public opinion. He Chutian finally had the opportunity to enter the anti-Japanese battlefield, and everyone sent him to fight against Japan. He asked Han Shuying to send himself an extra period. During this time alone, he entrusted his parents to Han Shuying. Before leaving, Han Shuying gave his cross to He Chutian, and he It was agreed that when the Japanese devil was defeated, he would marry him.

Han Shuying wanted her uncle and aunt to let the refugees go into the boat to avoid the rain. Xie Ruoxue knew that her aunt and uncle’s personality would not agree, so she made a claim and called the refugees to go into the boat. Xie Ruoxue saw her neighbor Aunt Xu in the flow of people. Xie Ruoxue knew Aunt Xu’s money in the pit refugees, so she went up and borrowed a reporter here to threaten Aunt Xu and forced her to donate her bags to support Anti-Japanese, Aunt Xu had no choice but to agree.

Aunt Xu, who is stingy with money, is angry, but irony Xie Ruoxue even robs her sister’s man, Xie Ruoxue furiously fights with her, making the whole small chicken Flying dog jumped, thanks to old Jack standing up and warning Aunt Xu before ending this farce. The National Government’s air force was inadequate and the front line kept losing. Li Wenxuan and his students transported winter clothes and cotton shoes to the front line to help the anti-war fighters continue to fight in the cold winter.

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