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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 18 Recap

The police chief naturally dared not gamble with his son’s name, plus Sun Jinbao had been urging him to let him go, so he let Sun Jinbao release Li Wenxuan from prison. Seeing that Xie Ruoxue had married Li Wenxuan, He Chutian hurriedly proposed to Han Shuying. At this time, Han Shuying was disheartened by Li Wenxuan, so he agreed. Xie Ruoxue took Li Wenxuan, Han Shuying was watching the two newly married Yan Er very uncomfortable. After the doctor’s diagnosis, Li Wenxuan’s wound was scary, but it did not hurt his bones. He Chutian deliberately showed affection to Han Shuying in front of Li Wenxuan. He originally intended to give Li Wenxuan a strong medicine to make him cheer up soon. Han Shuying was very uncomfortable, but he could only cooperate with He Chutian.

At night, Xie Ruoxue told Li Wenxuan that if he could not come out in prison, she would accompany him to jail. Li Wenxuan told Xie Ruoxue that she hoped she would be more mature. In the future, she should not think of herself when encountering similar things. Take more account of Han Shuying and Xie Jiadong. Xie Ruoxue’s concerns are completely different from what he expected. Xie Ruoxue hoped that Li Wenxuan would not contact those students in the future, stay away from the anti-Japanese cause, live with her in the comfort zone, and thus stay away from danger. Li Wenxuan realized that Xie Ruoxue’s political consciousness was not high enough, so he ended the conversation hastily.

When Han Shuying was washing Xie Ruoxue’s clothes, she found that there was blood on her clothes. It was speculated that Xie Ruoxue had miscarried. She was very worried about Xie Ruoxue’s health and decided to take Xie Ruoxue to the hospital. Xie Ruoxue only told Han Shuying at this time that she was not pregnant at all. At that time, she was pretending to be gagging on the street to leave Li Wenxuan. At this time, Xie Ruoxue not only did not have the sincerity to admit her mistakes, but also hoped that Han Shuying and She continued to deceive Li Wenxuan together. He Chutian celebrated Han Shuying’s birthday, which moved Han Shuying very much. Xie Tianci, who was far away in the northeast, was playing with a pistol in his room. His mother suddenly came in. She hoped that Xie Tianci, who had disappeared since childhood, could call her mother.

This was when his Japanese father also came over and told Xie Tianci that the Japanese army was about to go south to attack China. Old Jack’s doctor friend told Old Jack that his condition is very serious and he must be hospitalized without any room for discussion. Old Jack learned that he was about to die soon, so he entrusted Han Shuying to take care of the house after he left. On the other side, Li Wenxuan and Wang Jianan had a disagreement on the guiding principles.

Li Wenxuan thought that students should not participate in such dangerous activities. Seeing Wang Jianan’s opinion, Li Wenxuan decided to apply for military school. Many students decided to join him. go together. Wang Jianan stopped them from letting them go. When the two sides were deadlocked, the news of the Lugou Bridge incident passed. Shanghai was in turmoil and the patriotic enthusiasm of people from all walks of life was ignited.

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