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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 17 Recap

For Li Wenxuan, Xie Ruoxue chased to the ancient city of Phoenix. Li Wenxuan did not want to go back with her, and asked her to tell Han Shuying, three years later there will be a brand new Li Wenxuan to see her, then, Li Wenxuan disregarded Xie Ruoxue’s cry, determined to leave. Xie Ruoxue anxiously attacked his heart, fell on the street, and retched. After passing the instructions of passers-by on the street, Li Wenxuan accepted the fact that Xie Ruoxue was likely to become pregnant and had to follow Xie Ruoxue back. Han Shuying strongly told Li Wenxuan that there is no way until now.

Only accepting the facts and continuing to live is a good choice for everyone. She persuades Li Wenxuan and Xie Ruoxue to marry. In the end, Li Wenxuan only Can accept this cruel fact. Here, old Jack borrowed Xie Ruoxue to tell Xie Ruoxue that liking and fitting are two concepts, so not only should you choose the right one when buying shoes, but also the right person when you are looking for someone with your life, not just The person who liked it, Xie Ruoxue heard Old Jack’s out-of-string sound, and immediately changed his face.

When old Jack saw this, he had to give up the idea of ​​persuading Xie Ruoxue. He Chutian taught Han Shuying how to use a pistol and let her shoot at an empty bottle to vent her unhappiness. After Han Shuying shot all the bullets in the gun, He Chutian asked why Han Shuying tolerated Xie Ruoxue all the time. Han Shuying killed himself a Japanese by accident, and then Xie Bingyan blamed her for the fact that the Japanese were killed. Tell He Chutian. He Chutian told Han Shuying that there are many ways to pay off debts, not necessarily tormenting himself.

Xie Ruoxue went to send an invitation to the people in the performance team. Naturally, Wang Jianan was always ridiculed. Wang Jianan returned to the performance team and threw the invitation on the table. Everyone sees Wang Jianan’s attitude, and the classmates who originally wanted to go to the Li Wenxuan wedding have also given up this idea, and one person even tore up the invitation directly regardless of the opinions of others. Wang Jianan was very appreciative of her behavior, and asked her to go to the superior meeting with herself.

At the meeting, the Shanghai Workers Union would let their group of students perform the assassination mission. Xie Ruoxue finally married Li Wenxuan smoothly, and other people kept toasting Li Wenxuan, and the depressed Li Wenxuan took the opportunity to take the wine and worry. At this time, the assassination mission of the acting team had also begun. A student came and called Li Wenxuan away. He believed that the assassination activity was beyond the ability of the students, so he asked Li Wenxuan to stop them. The assassination event turned out to be a problem.

The explosive pack did not explode in time when the enemy’s car stopped. The fire of the lead went out. When a student went to check the explosive pack, the lead continued to burn. At the moment of crisis, Li Wenxuan struggling to take away the explosive package from the student who had not yet responded, and no one died, but Li Wenxuan was The aftermath of the explosion affected Wang Jianan and his students to retreat, and he was caught by the police because of his inconvenience. He Chutian tried to get Li Wenxuan out of the game but failed, so he secretly kidnapped the police chief’s son to threaten them to release Li Wenxuan.

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