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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 14 Recap

He Chutian drove a car and waited for Han Shuying at the entrance of the declaration mansion. After receiving Han Shuying, Han Shuying said that he really thanked God for the good harvest and nothing happened, but He Chutian did not believe in Christianity, so he took this opportunity to ask Han Shuying Explaining his universal philosophy, this surprised Han Shuying, because in her heart, He Chutian has always been a decisive iron-blooded soldier. He Chutian and Han Shuying went to the hospital to see the bumper harvest. It happened that the fiance’s fiance Hu Zi was also in the hospital. Hu Zi is a refugee rescued by He Chutian from the river in 1932. He Chutian decided to let the harvest be in the army. After all, she was originally a family member of the army.

He Chutian saw Han Shuying’s residence very shabby and decided to change her residence. He Chutian took Han Shuying and Xie’s sister to his friend’s house, and this friend happened to be Xie Ruoxue’s old knowledge-Li Jack. Li Jack welcomed the guests with great enthusiasm and let them stay in their house. When He Chutian took Han Shuying to visit Li Jack’s collection, Xie Ruoxue began to play jazz in the house. After Li Jack came up to make a few conversations, the two began to dance, which made Han Shuying very uncomfortable. She felt uncomfortable about someone chatting about her sister. Secondly, there was fire outside and dancing in the house, which made her feel uneasy. The next day, Li Jack asked Wu Baofeng, who lives under Han Shuying, to prepare breakfast for the three Han Shuying and lead them to familiarize themselves with their surroundings.

Han Shuying learned that Li Jack had helped many people, and his evaluation of it changed. Wu Baofeng took Han Shuying to know the other neighbors here. Afterwards, Han Shuying asked Lee Jack to discuss the rent. Lee Jack insisted on not accepting any penny. At the door of the newspaper office, Han Shuying apologized to Li Wenxuan because she felt that what she said when she refused Li Wenxuan that day was a bit too much, and Li Wenxuan knew that she had ignored the feelings of others before making things change. So bad, he decided to wait for the day when Han Shuying could accept himself, and the day Xie Ruoxue could give up himself.

Li Jack invited Xie Ruoxue to have dinner together, and let people perform a show for her, and also gave her a bunch of flowers, the two guests and the host were very happy. Xie Ruoxue confided to Li Jack about his relationship with Li Wenxuan and told him that he was determined to make some changes. The scene of Li Wenxuan and Han Shuying walking together was seen by a neighbor’s child. The child quickly told Xie Ruoxue about it, and Xie Ruoxue was very angry and very angry. Han Shuying persuaded Xie Ruoxue to stay away from Li Jack. Xie Ruoxue left after arguing with him. At night, He Chutian used wine spirits to confess to Han Shuying. Han Shuying rejected him and rebuked him that no soldier should have. Image. The next day, Han Shuying stopped Li Jie Ke, paid the rent and told him that he could stay away from his sister.

On the same day, while working with Han Shuying, a colleague told him that Mr. Li donated his car at the Anti-Japanese Fundraising Meeting. That person was Li Jack. Han Shuying returned home and solemnly apologized to Li Jack. He Chutian stopped Han Shuying on the street and took her to the barracks to improve her view of the soldiers. In the barracks, He Chutian confessed his frustration that he was full of anti-Japanese pride but could not actually go to the anti-Japanese battlefield. Late that night, Xie Ruoxue still did not return home. From Li Jack’s mouth, Han Shuying learned that she was now with a painter.

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